Best of Tuscany tour: rolling hills, lush vineyards, and amazing food

Best of Tuscany Tour

Best of Tuscany Tour. This tour made car makes you know two of the most beautiful cities of Tuscany: Arezzo and Cortona. 

Best of Tuscany Tour – Arezzo

We will park at the fort car park and continue on foot along the route Arezzo. The Basilica of San Francesco, with its imposing stone facade, which preserves the splendid series of Piero della Francesca’s frescoes: the Legend of the True Cross.

Goes on to the main square of Arezzo, Piazza Grande, located in the upper part of town, near the end of the main avenue.Picturesque landscape of the Giostra del Saracino and antiques fair, opens in the heart of the medieval city.

Built around 1200 and with a wider current perimeter amount dominated by the city (some visible traces on top of the track Pelliceria) and the People’s Palace, the remains of which are visible at the top of Via dei Pileati, embedded in the wall supporting the embankment of the Prato.

Best of Tuscany Tour

During the 16th century, the square was reduced to its current size, with the construction of the famous architect Vasari gallery. Own below the beautiful loggia can take a break for a coffee at one of the famous bar and then continue to the Duomo.

From 1278 the construction of the Duomo today continued in different phases, and ended only in 1511. Don’t miss the cycle of seven stained glass windows executed by Guillaume de Marcillat (1516-1517 and 1522-1524), the altare maggiore documented in 1362, but held above, the wooden choir designed by Giorgio Vasari in 1554.

Best of Tuscany Tour – Discover Etruscan Art in Cortona and Arezzo Tour 

The formella sepolcrale relief Guido Tarlati held a Giotto design in 1330 and, next, Mary Magdalene by Piero della Francesca, which dates back to the sixties of the 15th century, are two treasures that you will never forget. Below is the Ubertini chapel with frescoes of Gregory and Donato of Arezzo (beginning of the 14th century), of which the inside there are two magnificent organs.

Best of Tuscany Tour

Leaving the Duomo the park next door, with a terrace overlooking the surrounding valley, and then back to the center by one of the many historic streets that make up the historic center.

For literature lovers, near the Duomo, the birthplace of the famous writer Francesco Petrarca, a landmark in the history of Italian literature.

For lovers of archeology, however, it is required a stop at the National State Archaeological Museum in via Margheritone 10.

The museum contains objects Etruscans, Greeks and Romans private collection.

Best of Tuscany Tour 

At this point, you may be hungry. In the historic center of Arezzo, there are restaurants for every taste: from rustic Tuscan snacks, slice of pizza to the best full breakfast.

It is particularly interesting to visit Arezzo on days when there is Antiques Fair: the last sunday of the month and the previous saturday.

Best of Tuscany Tour – Cortona

Tuscany tour from Arezzo continue by car for Cortonaan ancient Tuscan town of etruscan origin.

In addition to a pleasant stroll through the historic center, we can follow the traces of time Cortona Etruscan.

Best of Tuscany Tour

In and around the city you can admire many monuments Etruscans: Bifora the door or Ghibellina within the city is the only monumental gate of Etruscan belt of Cortona. The Melone I del Sodo, situated on the left banks of the river Loreto, an artificial tomb of archaic etruscan funerary architecture. Your inside is a grave with dromos discovered five rooms including a central fund and on the other side of a central corridor.

The Melone II of Sodo located on the right banks of the river Loreto: a tomb of the Archaic period is made up of two tombs in its interior. The two tombs are adorned with a rich collection of jewelry.

Airport Transportation Service

In order for you to the chance to make all of our tours private without rushing and be sure not to miss any top tourist attractions, we suggest hiring a private driver to make the most, who will also guide you through the tour. We have van service with drivers (and guides) all year’s day we are ready to welcome you at the airport or the hotel which will take you, a perfect way to explore this wonderful region!

Best of Tuscany Tour

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