Holidays in Italy – tour the ancient and legendary Padua and visit the beautiful city of Verona

Holidays in Italy

Holidays in Italy – Padua Tour and Day Trips from Verona. If you are staying in Venice, and has met all: the Grand Canal and the islands, and not left !!! So that program a day è perfect !!! 

“Venice beautiful, Padua and his sister,” a popular saying. The comparison with Venice already makes it clear to those who have never been in the city what you find. The Scrovegni Chapel of Giotto, the most important series of paintings in the world, would be sufficient in itself to justify a visit to Padua.

Every day the magnificence of the monuments is entangled with the tingling of municipal markets. Students come from all over the world for the well-known city in the European University: the University of Padua founded in 1222, which is in fact one of the oldest of the old continent.

Holidays in Italy

Getting lost in the alleys is a way to capture the spirit of Padua still retains “medieval village” and the center of the big changes that science and medicine would soon produce in everyone’s life.

The tour in question explores the religious and devout soul reigning 800 years ago in the Basilica of St. Anthony.

The “mysteries” portrayed by Giotto in the chapel of Scrovegni, absolute masterpiece of the 14th century, the Palace della Ragione (the court, 1218) and the Palazzo del Bo (University), where we will visit the anatomical theater and the chair of Galileo Galilei. Stop at Caffè Pedrocchi, historical coffee “without doors”, a packaged beverage by a great live jazz.

Holidays in Italy – Padua Tour and Day Trips from Verona

In art, civic museums together a rich collection of Venetian painters especially (Tiepolo, Tintoretto, Veronese) and the Baptistery of the Duomo is perfectly preserved another extraordinary series of frescoes of Giusto Menabuoi. The many town squares, in particular Piazza delle Erbe, the fruit and the Lords.

Holidays in Italy

An extraordinary cuisine. The Paduan cuisine is the orchards, or based on vegetables that can be grown in home gardens and animals that are created in the backyard.

The dishes are chicken Padua and all his close relatives: the goose, capon, duck, chicken guinea, the chicken Polverara, the rooster and the chickens dwarfs most common. From these ingredients come from the traditional dishes, with bigoli (thick and rough spaghetti) and/or traditional risotto, rice with peas, with asparagus or radicchio.

Holidays in Italy

Bigoli with boneless meat goose, salt and preserved in its own fat, also used as a main course.

Try dishes horse and mule base. Among the desserts fugassa padovana (focaccia), figassa (sweet fig), the smegiassa (with raisins) and sbrisolona.

A long tradition in the bakery area connected to San Antonio with the bread of the Holy, Holy sweet, the Amarettoni and Merletti. Every meal starts with a very classic Spritz aperitif and ends with a grappa.

For wine has no trouble: you are in Veneto!

Holidays in Italy 

Verona, the main door of the Veneto, is a mixture of history and legend capable of giving unforgettable emotions in both the heart and the eyes of visitors.

From the Arena, one of the most important monuments of ancient Rome, which holds and shows the beautiful Piazza Brà, one comes to the enchanted places of the story of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet: under the famous balcony of 13th century building, the tradition says so, as the house of the Capulets. Already here summarizes the fundamental values of the call City of Love.

Holidays in Italy

The tour then explores the fundamental religious mystical element to understand that the typical medieval ruler spirit: the magnificent Gothic cathedral Romanesque Basilica of San Zeno. Then the square delle Erbe, the typical “old” atmosphere, savoring the medieval setting – Renaissance – Baroque of the beautiful buildings that surround along with the characteristic market.

The Piazza dei Signori, another jewel of architecture “sovereign” and that everyone can admire (the Town Hall, Palacio del Capitano, Loggia del Consiglio, Arcas Scaligere). The visit ends with Castelvecchio, scenic fortress built in the 9th century, currently one of the most beautiful art galleries Veneto, plus an armory room and a breathtaking view of the river and the Ponte Scaligero.

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