Day Trips From Venice: Escape with us on a special day

Day Trips from Venice

Day Trips From Venice

If you can stay more than three nights in Italy, don’t forget to get to know the surroundings of Venice and include other wonderful cities in the Veneto region in your itinerary.

Although the country is an explosion of discoveries and new experiences, nothing is more unique and, at the same time, as diverse as this fascinating region. Many visitors, after circulating exhaustively through the alleys and alleys, make several trips of the “hop and back” type, seeking to know the surroundings of Venice.

The objective is to broaden your perceptions, after all, being in Venice is something so remarkable that walking around its surroundings means prolonging this sensation.

Leaving the hustle and bustle of the center makes the visitor discover a quieter city, with corners where time seems to have stopped. But that doesn’t mean it’s anything less charming or boring, but a new perspective. A new look, new flavors, new sounds and new colors can be discovered. Discover now the incredible beauties of places close to Venice.


Day Trips from VeniceSurely, you’ve heard of Murano Glass or Crystals, as they were the sculptures made by various artisans in the city, which gave popularity to the so-called Island of Glass. Founded by the Romans, the island was also of great importance in the past, due to its port and salt production.

The work, carried out by local artisans, still preserves the tradition of using large furnaces, which operate at very high temperatures, to melt and shape the glass. For this reason, at the end of the 13th century, all the glassmakers in Venice were forced to move to Murano.

Since its activity was considered a risk to the city, due to the smoke and the frequent occurrence of fires. The bad tongues say that all this was bullshit, because what was intended was the isolation of artisans to protect the secrets of glass manufacturing and thus guarantee sovereignty in exports.

True or not, with the increase in exports, after the transfer of artisans to Murano, the island was considered the largest producer of crystals in Europe. In fact, it was so important to guarantee such secrets that to this day the name Murano is protected by DOC (Denomination of Controlled Origin), that is, only pieces produced on the island of Murano can receive this name.

For the traveler exploring the outskirts of Venice, Murano is a must-see (about 1.5 km)! You will be able to visit the crystal factories and watch a piece being made up close and, who knows, even participate in a class to make crystals in Murano.

You can also choose to visit the Glass Museum, with a very interesting collection. In addition, the traveler will also be able to visit the Church of Santa Maria and São Donato and the Church of São Pedro Mártire.

This small island located on the outskirts of Venice (about 7 kilometers to the north) is well known for its colorful houses and the production of lace, which once served royalty, with its delicate designs called Merletto Buranese, which form landscapes, boats… all made by the women of the region.

While there is not much to see in Burano, the thoughtful traveler will find that a tour, which lasts no more than three hours, can prove to be quite interesting. You will find a lot of Venetian cuisine in a traditional way and you will delight yourself with the famous Venetian cookies, try the most traditional of them: the bussolà buranelli!


Day Trips from VeniceHowever, for photography lovers like me, Burano is a delicious opportunity for vibrant lights and colors! It is said that the houses are painted like this to serve as a guide for fishermen, returning to their homes on foggy days.

But let’s face it, shouldn’t it be a delight to return from a day’s work with a view like this? Each inhabitant must ask for authorization and respect the colors established by the Comune, a kind of City Hall in Burano.

Rustic and silent, the oldest island in Venice, heir to stories and legends from the time when Attila, king of the Huns, passed through there. At that time, the population of mainland Venice was threatened by Attila and took refuge in Torcello, which is the most distant island.

Here they remained safe as the Huns knew nothing about navigation and could not swim, being prevented from reaching them. Torcello was the location of the port where large vessels docked from Europe to China.

For this reason, the island was marked by great movement of people and, in the past, it became the island of Venice with the largest number of inhabitants. However, its population was practically decimated by a malaria epidemic in the 15th century. In Torcello, what I liked the most was the open-air observation tour.

You can see the ruins of the great palaces from the Roman Empire, but you can visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, which has a beautiful architecture from the Byzantine era and, very close to it, the church of Santa Fosca. Other interesting points are the marble chair that, according to legend, belonged to Attila.

However, it is not known how, since they did not know how to swim and did not even get there. The Ponte del Diavolo and the Archaeological Museum. Oh, and remember that to know all this, it is essential that you know what types of visas for Italy apply to tourists.


Generally, people choose to hire a boat trip to Torcello that can visit the three islands: Murano, Burano and Torcello. Considering the idea of ​​a back and forth spin, I think it’s much more interesting because it will save you money and time.

This is the island sensation of the summer in Venice as it is the closest to the center. It has more than 15 kilometers of beach and separates the lagoon from the Adriatic Sea. It can be said that it is the most residential and chic area of ​​Venice.

However, in high season in Italy it is invaded by tourists eager to cool off and enjoy its beaches, since at other times of the year the traveler may find them closed. Also, check out the post about summer in Italy, with tips for must-see destinations.

With modern architecture, it differs from the atmosphere of Venice, but it is still charming and widely used for those who want to save on their budget, escaping the high prices of accommodation in Venice.

In addition to enjoying its wonderful beaches, travelers can visit the Venice Film Festival, which takes place at the end of summer (September) or place a bet at Casino Venezia, the oldest in the world.


Day Trips from VenicePadua or Padova (in Italian) is world renowned for its famous University, one of the oldest in the world, the University of Padua. This status makes the city a place for young university students, with all the structure to serve this public.

It is also known for religious tourism in Italy, as it was where the Portuguese Franciscan friar, Antônio de Lisboa, lived and died, who after being canonized became Saint Anthony of Padua. Yes, himself, the matchmaker and pregnant women’s saint!

Padua is a city that deserves to be included in your itinerary in Italy, getting to know the surroundings of Venice. You can start with the historic center, then visit the largest square in Italy, Prato del Valle and its 78 statues of important figures in the city’s history.

And also visit the Basilica di Sant’Antonio, in which the mortal remains of the saint are found, and the Caffè Pedrocchi, which was once a meeting point for many intellectuals of the 19th century.

For those who enjoy observing the local lifestyle, strolling through the Piazza delle Erbe market and Palazzo della Ragione is a good option.


Day Trips from VeniceKnown as the City of Lovers, Verona is an obligatory stop for romantics and lovers visiting the outskirts of Venice, especially if they are on their honeymoon. The city is beautiful! To check it out, see this post about the sights of Verona.

It was not for nothing that William Shakespeare chose his scenarios to write “Romeo and Juliet”. In fact, throughout the city you will find references to the novel written by the English playwright. You can even take an excursion to Verona from Venice.

Prepare your camera because Verona has landscapes and angles of extreme beauty that you won’t find anywhere else. When you arrive, visit Julieta’s house and don’t forget to leave the vows exchanged with her love on the wall. Legend has it that this will make your feelings last forever!

For a day trip, it is interesting to know that in Verona there is a single ticket, which allows access to tours of 4 churches: Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore, Basilica di San Fermo, Duomo di Verona and Santa Anastasia. The 24-hour ticket costs 18 euros and the 48-hour ticket costs 22 euros.



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