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Tours for Rome

Tours for Rome – Christmas in Rome. In Italy we know that one lives in family, in the intimacy of the home and in the trips taking advantage of to make christmas purchases in the. In terms of customs and tradition, Rome is no different from the rest of Italy. But in the capital, in the holy city is, the one that for all, has become the “eternal city”. Christmas takes on different tones.

The city lights up with new lights, many christmas trees, cribs, which seem to give new life to the city’s symbolic monuments: the Coliseum, the Altar of the Homeland, the Piazza of Spain, Piazza Navona, and finally Saint Peter.

The first unusual thing is that in Christmas in Rome is celebrated on two dates. The first is that we all know, celebrated between the 24th and 25th of december, on the occasion of the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

The second is a lay celebration celebrated in a much more spring like climate than the first, on april 21, date that in fact, is born the city with Romulus on april 21, 753 BC.

Between the two, christmas is what we all expect. Suddenly, it arrives every year faster than ever, starting on december 8th and continuing throughout the period of celebrations, including New Year’s Eve to Epiphany.

Tours for Rome

At 4pm on 8th December 2017, Pope Francis will begin the ceremony at the Column of the Immaculate Conception near Piazza di Spagna which culminates with the crowning of the statue.

Many locals & tourists flock to see the pope and venerate Our Lady, so we recommend going early to make sure you have a good spot. No tickets are needed.

The atmosphere is always great and you have a real sense of the proximity of Christmas.

One of the first steps of visitors to Rome is undoubtedly the Vatican. On the eve of the Mass of the Rooster, one of the most awaited, as well as the Pope’s pastoral message on the morning of the 25th, in front of the huge crowd of St. Peter’s Square.

In the center of the great Berniani colonnade, a life-size crib continues the tradition inspired by the writings of the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.

Tours for Rome

Every year a very tall Christmas tree is erected in Piazza S. Pietro: it is located near the obelisk and every year it is donated by a different country.

Most of the churches of Rome have very elaborate cribs which are displayed in the weeks before Christmas. To keep alive the tradition in less formal ways in some churches boy scouts are invited to build and display their own crib.

Tours for Rome

For those in love, do not miss Piazza del Popolo, where you can visit different monuments and exhibitions related to the christian tradition.

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the star of the show (Baby Jesus that is, not Santa Claus.)

To get your fill of nativity scenes for a lifetime, check out the Sale del Bramante’s 100 Presepi, or peek into the major churches to see the various forms of Christmas Nativities.

From the classic Neapolitan cribs of the 16th century, 17th and 18th. The dominion of Sicily and Puglia, going through the traditions of the 18th century. Techniques developed in the 19th century by artists and artisans from all over the world, all in a show at the “International Exhibition of 100 Cribs” of Rome, open from november 25 until sunday after the Epiphany).

It follows the Nativity Chapel of the Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo, built by cardinal Domenico Della Rovere and located in the corridor on the right side of the church.

In addition to admiring the great works of art present (with works by Raphael, Caravaggio, Bernini and several others). Also enjoy the great fresco on the altar wall, “Adoration of the Child with St. Jerome” by Pinturicchio, one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance.

Tours for Rome

The Christmas markets in Rome have no end.

Although the tradition is typical of northern Europe, Rome is in fact known mainly for its local markets, Porta Portese and Campo de Fiori. Even a few years ago even the roman markets are not unappreciated.

The Piazza Navona is one of the best known: if it starts to mount the booths december 8 until january 6.

You will find a lot of handicrafts, gifts and a wide variety of christmas decorations. What is not lacking are the food stalls, where you can eat crepes, piadina (a sandwich on flat bread). The nearby streets and corners of the square are full with amazing street performers.

Piazza Navona is not the only christmas market organized in Rome. In fact, numerous squares and streets of the city at this time of year are decorated to attract tourists and visitors. The christmas market in Piazza Re di Roma, for example, is another safe meeting point, also because it gladly rediscovers traditions of the aventino of the countries of northern Europe.

The roman cuisine is heavily influenced very old roots. We started with pangiallo and nociata. Two of the most typical sweets of old popular cuisine, which favored the strong flavors of the land, agriculture and pasturage.

Tours for Rome

On christmas eve it was not the custom to eat the meat and the meal was concentrated on dishes such as stracciatella romana (chicken broth with beaten eggs and parmesan cheese). Especially, many dishes with artichokes: the romana (cooked in marinade with mint and parsley). The giudia (cut and washed in a special way and then fried in a pan).

The soups were equally abundant, especially those based on chickpeas and seasoned with garlic and rosemary. Today enriched with roman pecorino and anchovies.

Tours for Rome

The soups were equally abundant, especially those based on chickpeas and seasoned with garlic and rosemary. Today enriched with roman pecorino and anchovies.

What is not lacking is coda alla vaccinara, the oxtail dish. That consists of oxtail, cooked and served with vegetables and a sweet and sour sauce. Prepared with cooked celery, raisins, pine nuts and grated dark chocolate.

Another typical dish is the abbacchio, the lamb in garlic, ham in small pieces and cooked with rosemary, vinegar, salt and pepper.

Accompanying all this with roman wine to celebrate christmas, the Mulsum, an ancient wine that once was served as an aperitif (in the Roman Empire, at the time of the call “Gustatio”). A mixture of wine and honey (or flavored with myrrh or myrtle).

All that is left to organize your Christmas in Rome is to keep an eye on the numerous events in the city: the Palace of Music Auditorium. The Olympic Theater with the Christmas Concert of the Roman Philharmonic. The Orchestra of the Conservatory of Santa Cecília. The Choir of the White Voices of Don Milani of Rome are events not to be missed.

Tours for Rome

One word of advice: While trying to figure out who the roman singer will perform at a show december 25-31, don’t miss the ice rink. The colorful vintage carousel. The christmas market in Music (until january 6).

Merry Christmas to all. Good Christmas Rome!


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