Rome to Pisa Day Tour: Pick up from your hotel and full day car with driver at disposal

Rome to Pisa Day Tour

Rome to Pisa Day Tour


Professional and experienced drivers for your tours and routes in Tuscany on board of vans, cars and mini-vans from Rome. We offers transfer services with private chauffeur on board comfortable sedans for 2-3 people, minivans for 4-8 people. Full air-conditioning, punctuality, impeccable cleanliness are our pluses.

On this tour you will be able to explore the city of Pisa and learn about its incredible history, art and architecture. If you only have a few days to take in Italy’s many highlights, this full-day tour from Rome is the perfect way to explore Pisa in a single day. Together with a small group of fellow travelers, you will depart in the morning in a comfortable vehicle from your hotel in Rome directly to Pisa.

Upon arrival, you will be able to visit the city independently: admire Piazza dei Miracoli at Unesco, where you can see the world-famous Leaning Tower, among other attractions.

The tower is a bell tower of Pisa Cathedral and is 55.86 meters high at the bottom of the slope and 56.70 meters at the highest part. It weighs 14.5 tons and is worth a day in Pisa.

Construction then stopped for almost a century, also due to battles in the region. In 1272, work was restarted with the aim of correcting the inclination, however, this caused the tower to begin to lean towards the other side. The monument has walls 4.09 meters thick at the base and 2.48 meters at the top. There are 294 steps and 3.99 degrees of inclination. In fact, before the restoration (between 1993 and 2001), the slope was 5.5 degrees.

Opening hours: 9:45 am to 5:15 pm (November to February),
9am to 6pm (March, April, May and September) and
8:30am to 10pm (June 17th to August 31st)
Entrance fee: €18 (includes the Cathedral)

Private tours can be a day trip or multi-day tours and personalized route. Explore Pisa with our english speaking drivers

The truth is that the most famous tourist attractions in Pisa are in Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles). In addition to the leaning tower, Pisa Cathedral (Duomo di Pisa) should also be included in your 1-day itinerary in Pisa.

Pisa Cathedral, built between 1063 and 1092, is one of the symbols of the wealth of the then Republic of Pisa. Entirely covered in marble, the work is the greatest example of the Tuscan romantic style. It has references from Byzantine, Arabic, Lombard and classical traditions. Furthermore, its interior has 27 paintings that cover the main chapel, located behind the main altar, representing passages from the Old Testament.

Opening hours: from 10:00 to 12:45
from 2pm to 5pm (November to February).
10am to 6pm (March),
from 10am to 8pm (April to September)
from 10am to 5pm (October)
Entrance price: free (you need to go to the box office and collect your ticket by appointment). If you climb the tower, you can use the same ticket for the cathedral

Another building present in the Square of Miracles, and which should be present on a 1-day visit to Pisa, is the Camposanto Monumentale, it is a cemetery, the fourth and last building to be built in the square (between 1278 and 1464). In fact, it was supposed to be a church, but the project changed after it started.

Opening hours: 9am to 6pm (March),
8am to 8pm (April to September),
9am to 5pm (October)
10am to 5pm (November to February)
Entrance fee: €5 (€7 if you also want to include the Baptistery)

With a private day tour to Pisa, you can relax knowing that everything has been taken care of. You will be picked up from your hotel by a driver

Dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, the Baptistery of Pisa is also located in the square and is part of the architectural complex. Like the other buildings, the work is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Baptistery (Gothic and Roman influenced) was built between 1152 and 1363 and is 54.86 meters high. The religious building is still 107 meters in diameter, making it the largest construction of its kind in Italy. This way, you can’t stay out of the itinerary of what to do in Pisa.

Opening hours: 9am to 6pm (March),
8am to 8pm (April to September)
9am to 5pm (October)
10am to 5pm (November to February)
Entrance price: €5 (€7 if you also want to include Camposanto Monumentale)

When your day in Pisa is over, you will be taken back to Rome.



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Artigo: Rome to Pisa Day Tour: Pick up from your hotel and full day car with driver at disposal

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