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Best Time to Visit Italy. It is a difficult task to choose the most beautiful, because our choice is focused on only a very limited part as compared to a vast and varied landscape. In fact, Italy has more than 800 islands, between lakes and sea. Of these, more than 80 are inhabited. Many have disappeared because of the tides and earthquakes. In this immense group of archipelagos, islands, islets we list 5 true jewels. We can indicate as the most beautiful island vacations of Italy!

Island of Capri

In Capri the sea is an achievement. There are no long sandy beaches for sightseeing and lying on the coast. In Capri the beaches are small, made of rocks, reefs and rocks where to dive. To get there you need to get down (and then climb) along steep stairs or nature trails. But in the end, it is rewarded by crystal clear water as perhaps you have never seen.

The beach of Marina Grande. Arriving at the port of Capri you will find the beach of Marina Grande, just after the pier. It is the largest beach on the island and despite its proximity to the harbor, the water is always clean. It is child friendly, in fact, it is the favorite destination of the families of Capri with small children. Capri holidays!

The beach of Marina Piccola. At Marina Piccola overlooking the Faraglioni, it is one of the most beautiful areas of the island for a day at sea.

Along with Marina Grande is the only part of the island where there are actually beaches. The bay Marina Piccola is exposed to the south and protected by Monte Solaro, therefore, it is always warm and little ventilated. On winter days it is not in fact rare to find Capresi bathing there.

Visit Italy

The only negative is that the sun, even in the height of summer, is leaving soon.

If you intend to spend a day at sea, we recommend to arrive early.

You can go by bus or down the stairs of Via Mulo (at the end of Via Roma, locality of Due Golfi).

The two stretches of beach are located on the sides of the Scoglio delle Sirene (you find them descending the stairs that depart from the bus stop in Marina Piccola).

I Faraglioni. At the foot of the Faraglioni of Capri, you will find two beach resorts with restaurants. Here, the coast is rocky and one dives into deep water, so not suitable for children.

Take the path that starts from the Belvedere of Punta Tragara. Both offer a boat service to / from Marina Piccola. They are perfect for a long day of sea and relaxation, in a spectacular and uncontaminated natural setting. Given the exclusivity of the location and limited space, we recommend that you book to make sure you find a place!

La Grotta Azzurra. Beside the Blue Grotto there are several beach resorts and an open area.

Il Faro di Punta Carena. The lighthouse is Capri’s most beloved seaside location. A little bit because it is the furthest from mass tourism flow, but especially, because here you can enjoy until sunset, it is the only place in Capri.

Under the shade of the lighthouse on the rocky terraces, there is a private property with a swimming pool, a restaurant and a free area with two bars, where you can rent beach chairs.

Ponza Island

A trip to Ponza on vacation or just a weekend, is an experience for everyone.

Whether you are interested in its beaches or its sea, or think of fun, or want to explore its attractions, Ponza is a destination that will not leave anyone disappointed. Things to do on the island are many and varied.

Relax on the beaches of Ponza – A trip to Ponza should predict the discovery of its best beaches.

Chiaia di Luna, Fronton beach, Lucia Rosa beach, Cala Feola beach, Cala Fonte, Ferns beach, Pilatos caves beach, are among the best known on the island.

A swim in the natural pools of the island – The bay of natural pools, near the village of Le Forna, is a natural paradise of Ponza. A destination also recommended for young children.

A boat ride – Among the proposals of things to do in Ponza, the island boat ride is among the most popular. The boats the island allow you to discover unique views, white cliffs and enjoy the perspective in contact with the extraordinary sea of this corner of the Tyrrhenian.

Visit Italy

What to do in Ponza in the evening?

The legitimate concern of the young and not so young who want to experience a holiday full of fun.

The nightlife is that of summer, when sunset falls and goes to the beaches. The night is lived in restaurants, bars, shops and clubs that continue to liven, offering a pleasant entertainment for tourists.

Eating fish at the harbor restaurants – The discovery of Ponza also passes through the taste buds. Restaurants on the island offer the opportunity to taste the traditional dishes and, above all, those made from freshly caught fish.

Diving – For lovers of diving, Ponza is an ideal destination, equipped with diving center and, above all, full of interesting underwater caves and scenery. What if you have no diving experience? Here is another thing to do absolutely in Ponza to become a diver thanks to the courses of sports centers.

Hiking, trekking and trekking on the island of Ponza – Its hilly interior is also ideal for lovers of discovery of the territory on foot.

Elba Island

Visit Italy

The third largest island in Italy after Sicily and Sardinia.

Elba is very interesting both from the historical point of view, as geological as landscape architecture.

The beaches, all different, with breathtaking panoramas! While archaeological sites, mines, museums and fortresses are captivating.

Pearl of the Tuscan Archipelago, Elba is famous for the beaches of Cavoli, Fetovaia, l’Innamorata, Le Ghiaie and Seccheto. But many small, almost inaccessible beaches are located along its coast.

The stunning view of Mount Capanne: from the beautiful bays to reach the Italian coast and those neighboring islands such as Capraia, Montecristo and Pianosa.

Portoferraio, the island’s main town, is a treasure chest thanks to the Medici fortifications of Forte Falcone, Forte Stella and Torre Linguella. No less fascinating Marciana and Capoliveri with their characteristic alleys that intertwine in different inclinations.

But the island also has Etruscan fortifications, Pisa towers and roman villages. The island’s best-known museum is related to Napoleon Bonaparte’s Exile.

Islands of Loreto

Visit Italy

Counted more than once among the wonders of the Italian peninsula, the small island of Loreto is located north of lake Iseo Montisola.

Today, privately owned, it has been inhabited for many centuries.

Gabriele Rosa noted “Ruins of walls and two square towers”, which are the remains of ancient fortification.

At the end of the 15th century the island became property of the Sisters of Santa Clara, that were part of the monastery of Brescia, making build a convent.

In 1910, a castle was built in neo-gothic style by Vincenzo Richieri, around it had grown a magnificent park of conifers, with a small port and two towers.

For an entrance into the two towers of the lighthouse, which dates back to the village. A rectangular and plan is on two floors. The villa is very impressive with its tower, the parapet, in clear stone walls and a perspective view that you can enjoy as it is located on a rock overlooking the lake.

Island of San Giulio

Visit Italy

It is in Piedmont about 400 meters on the shores of lake Orta, the small town of Orta San Giulio, led by the beautiful island of San Giulio.

Its main characteristic is given by the Renaissance and Baroque art that characterizes its imposing palaces and its magnificent gardens.

The splendid residences of Villa Perone and Villa Crespi, as well as Palace of the Community, an era seat of the Council of the Riviera.

The small island of San Giulio, accessible by boat or boat, is dominated by a Romanesque basilica, a bishop’s palace and a Benedictine abbey.

Legend has it that on this island it was a rock inhabited by serpents and terrible monsters, until in 390 San Giulio landed. Crossing the waters of the lake with his cloak, he headed in the midst of the storm guided by his rod. The saint founded a church in which he then chose to be buried, and made the island the center of evangelization of the entire region.

Visit Italy

The tourist is greeted on the island by a small staircase leading to the picturesque Romanesque basilica, the main attraction.

The walk continues through a road that crosses the whole island. This is the “path of silence and meditation”, mixture of spirituality and architecture.

Walking through the narrow alleys we arrive at the Bishop’s Palace and the Abbey Beneditina Mater Ecclesiae of the 19th century.

In this convent of cloistered religious women, who live permanently on the island. They spend the day dedicating themselves to prayer, study, restoration of ancient and precious sacred vestments and the preparation of the famous “San Giulio bread.”

The other buildings on the island, now are private residences. Once were the houses of the canons: among the earliest noted Villa Tallone, where prestigious concerts of classical music take place every year. A good restaurant with a terrace by the lake and souvenir shops, complete the services available to tourists.


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