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Pompeii tours a perfect day out from Rome. See the incredible ruins of this ancient ill-fated city and excavated treasures housed in the Archaeological Naples city

Pompeii tours

Pompeii Tours, the best full day trips from Rome. we have time to admire the beautiful countryside and the seashores, passed by the Benedictine monastery of Montecassino that was reconstructed after being damaged in World War II.

Pompeii tours

Coming down across the coast and following the coastal road to the port of Mergellina, starting from Via Saint Lucia, which begins with a typical sacred shrine, dedicated to the homonymous Saint, to reach the inlet of Mergellina.

Also worthy of mention is the 18th-century fountain of the Immaculate by Bernini, located at the beginning of the coast.

Castel dell'Ovo is the fortified castle, with medieval characteristics, with a large round tower outside the castle walls, was mostly destroyed in 1503, when Ferdinand the Catholic blew it up during siege. The city's oldest fort, although a Roman villa had existed at this site until the early Middle Ages.

Currently the Museum of Prehistory and offering panoramic views of the city. This fortification, eleven isolated by sea, has a past in which history and legend blend together. At Castel dell'Ovo there is a small 19th century fishing village, which is home to a harbor, some restaurants and cafes that are always packed with tourists.

Pompeii Tours - The Best Full Day Trips from Rome

Pompeii tours

We continue to tour the historical center to admire Piazza del Plebiscito, the city's main square and stunning Royal Palace, museum, and historical tourist destination.

It was one of the four residences near Naples used by the Bourbon Kings during their rule of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (1734-1860).

San Francesco di Paola is a church located at the Piazza del Plebiscito. The church is reminiscent of the Pantheon in Rome.

The facade is fronted by a portico resting on six columns and two Ionic pillars. Inside, the church is circular with two side chapels. The dome is 53 high. In the vast open area between the basilica and the Royal Palace there are two equestrian statues, one of Charles III of Spain and the other of Ferdinand I, both Bourbon rulers of Naples.

Learn the history of this city in the 19th-century heyday, when Bourbon kings first ruled, then find out more about other sights such as, Lyric Theater San Carlo, it built in 1737 by the first king of Bourbon, Charles III and Galleria Umberto I am a public shopping gallery. It was built between 1887-1891. The Galleria was named for Umberto I, King of Italy at the time of construction. It was meant businesses, shops, cafes and social life.

Pompeii Tours

Pompeii tours

Mt Vesuvius and Mt. Vesuvius Tour Pompeii.

Two thousand years ago, Pompeii streets were filled with people, vendors. The houses were inhabited by wealthy owners, artisans, merchants, and suddenly everything disappeared.

For seventeen hundred years ago, the city was literally erased from the face of the earth. No one could even indicate the place where it was, re-emerged and is now one of the "archaeological wonders".

On the day of August 24, 79 AD, began with a sudden eruption of Vesuvius.

No one knew what was going on, had never seen such a thing. An impressive column of smoke, followed by a huge black cloud cam covering the city. Completely darkening the sky with this strange rain and porous stones, still warm. Astonishment soon left the place to panic and fear, then what happened in those 24 hours. Pompeii was hit by the fury of the volcano was patiently rebuilt with a long work of excavation and research.

Today, the ruins of Pompeii is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Italy. Visit this archaeological site goes beyond the passion for art and history, but it is something really special, able to attract lovers of mystery, rites, cults and populations so far from us, and so close "physically".

Pompeii tours

The fact that Pompeii was destroyed, and at the same time preserved the cause of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD makes it even more fascinating this place where, walking through the alleys of the time, it seems to relive to bygone was, thanks to houses, shops and utensils kept intact, which allows us to get closer knowingly to the lifestyle of the time.

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