Things To Do in Siena – Top Full Day Trips and Walking Holidays

Things To Do in Siena

Things To Do in Siena. Visiting Siena in a day is the opportunity to see and know about its historic center, its monuments and its main historical and artistic works. The centre of Siena, surrounded by ancient walls, pedestrian zone is quietly walking. Here we suggest what to do with a walk through the historic center of Siena. And if you are staying for more than a day, you can devote a visit to the vast wine-growing area of the Chianti and nearby towns.

Things To Do in Siena – PIAZZA DEL CAMPO

Things To Do in Siena

The first stop of the tour is Piazza del Campo: the heart of the city, with an original shell shape.

Here twice a year (July 2 and August 16), the Palio di Siena takes place, an old challenge mounted on a horse among the city’s neighborhoods.

Traditionally, piazza and palazzo pubblico do not belong to any district, used as a space for markets, it is one of the greatest creations of medieval urbanism.

From here branch the three main streets, a point of reference.

In the square you will find Palazzo Comunale, Torre del Mangia, Fonte Gaia and many monuments and palaces. Here you can dedicate a few hours to visit the civic museum, which houses artistic masterpieces of Siena and Tuscany as, the Majesty of Simone Martini in the Mappamondo Room, the Allegory of the Good and the Bad Government, and the Bad Government of Lorenzetti, in the Sala dos Nine, the Cycle of the Famous Men of Taddeo di Bartolo.

Things To Do in Siena

Next to the Public Palace you can visit the Torre del Mangia, the old bell tower of the town hall built in 1338, which takes the name of Giovanni di Duccio called “Mangia Guadagni” for its habit of spending money in the taverns of Siena. High 88 meters and 400 steps that takes you to the top, is the right place to enjoy a fabulous view of the city.

Things To Do in Siena – Top Full day trips and Walking Holidays

Things To Do in Siena – SHOPS AND GASTRONOMY

After visiting the squares and museums, you can walk the streets in the surrounding area, where there are many cellars, restaurants and shops selling local produce. Via Banchi di Sopra is the main street, it continues on Via di Città and Via dei Montanini.

Things To Do in Siena – DUOMO

After lunch, we arrive at Piazza Santa Maria Assunta where are Duomo di Siena, with its façade of great visual impact and the Baptistery. Owner of one of the most beautiful views of the city, Facciatone (Italian, great facade) was part of a project to enlarge the cathedral in 1339.

Things To Do in Siena

The Nuovo Duomo (New Duomo) was supposed to be completed in a few decades, but the works ended up being suspended because of the economic recession caused by the epidemic.

Today it is the largest christian cathedral. Although an unfinished work, you can climb the 130 steps to enjoy the wonderful views over the Mangia Tower and the Public Palace.

The Facciatone welcomes the Metropolitan Opera Museum with the renowned painting “Maestà” by Duccio di Buoninsegna. A front panel of a retable commissioned for the cathedral and representing Maestà (Virgin in majesty). The Virgin and Child appear presiding at the heavenly court, surrounded by angels and saints. The four patron saints of Siena kneel at Mary’s feet, interceding with her.

Things To Do in Siena

Things To Do in Siena – NATIONAL GALLERY

Things To Do in Siena

After visiting the Cathedral, we arrive at the complex of Santa Maria della Scala, dating back to the an 11th century: in the Middle Ages was a hospital dedicated to the sick and pilgrims along the Via Francigena.

Next to it is the National Art Gallery in the Brigidi and Buonsignori palaces, where it preserves masterpieces by Duccio di Buoninsegna, Simone Martini, Lorenzetti, Sassetta and Francesco di Giorgio.

Things To Do in Siena – Church of St. Catherine

Things To Do in Siena

With a 10-minute walk you can visit the Sanctuary and the Church of St. Catherine which incorporate the old house where Catherine Benincasa was born and the crucifix from which the saint received the stigmata. Not far away, there is the Church of San Domenico, where the relics of St. Catherine of Siena are preserved.

Things To Do in Siena – MEDICI FORTRESS

Things To Do in Siena

The tour ends with a walk on the walls in Fortezza Medicea, situated in the western part of the city. From here you can have a 360° view of Siena. Within this structure you will find enoteca, where you can taste the best wines produced in Tuscany.

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