Travel Italy – Choose from our wide selection best weekend activities from North to South in Italy

Travel Italy

Travel Italy. Here we will introduce proposals to make the most of your weekend with tips and suggestions to Italy from north to south. As each person is unique, their tastes and preferences can be totally different from many other people, our goal is not to present closed scripts but a small number of tours and Italy holiday destinations.


Travel Italy – Trapani

Travel Italy

The contrast of aristocratic homes in the historic center with the blinding white of saltworks a few kilometers from the city with the famous – Marsala (photo), where the plants are reflected in the water.

Trapani is a destination overlooked by visitors from Sicily, which go straight to the nearby beaches of San Vito Lo Capo and Egadi. But it is worth a stop to see the Ligny Tower and the Castle of Colombaia, which dominate the harbor.


Travel Italy – Trieste

Travel Italy

Increasingly popular in recent years, it reveals its treasures of all time: the Piazza Unità d’Italia, the Miramare Castle, the Castle of San Giusto and the historic cafes frequented by famous actors.

But Trieste is still able to book surprises: you can go to discover the original museum della Bora, and a few kilometers from the city, the splendid Castle of Duino and the Grotta del Gigante, the largest tourist cave in the world. 


Travel Italy – Gradara

Following in the footsteps of Lucrezia Borgia and Francesca da Rimini . Here we are intertwined with the history and legends, from the famous Rock of Gradara, considered along with the town, one of the best preserved medieval structures in Italy.


Travel Italy – Villa Del Balbianello in Lenno

Travel Italy

Villa Del Balbianello in Lenno“Fay voudras ce que” (meaning “what you want”) is the phrase engraved on the of marina floor that welcomes visitors this villa built in the late 18th century by Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini.

After crossing the garden with terrace and porch with three arches on the point more top of the promontory, you enter the main building, which houses a rich collection of Chinese art, African and pre-Columbian accumulated by the explorer Guido Monzino (last owner of the complex, today FAI) during his travels. 


Travel Italy – Artistic Park La Court of Castelnuovo Calcea

Travel Italy

If the Langhe is famous throughout the world, even the Monferrato has their little treasures to be discovered.

This unique park in the vineyard La Court of Michele Chiarlo preserves the magic of a fairy tale: queens, kings, minstrels and dragons, sculptures born from the designer’s imagination and artist well known Emanuele Luzzati.

Here, between the rows of Nebbiolo and Barbera, also finds room for other contemporary works of art, some signed by Ugo Nespolo. A good opportunity to enjoy a bit of culture, tasting excellent wines. 

Travel Italy – 10 Best Tips Weekend from North to South


Travel Italy – Chioggia

Travel Italy

It is called “Little Venice“: here you can experience the magic pond, without the drawbacks of mass tourism and the high prices that afflict older sister Venice.

It is worth visiting the historic center, observe the still linked to the world of fishing traditions and catch a boat to explore the island of Pellestrina. Fantastic experience! 


Travel Italy – Trani

Travel Italy

Dedicated to San Nicola Pellegrino, is the queen of cathedrals in Puglia, which dates back to 1099, is reflected in the sea and draws the profile of this town famous also for Castle Svevo and the church of San Giacomo. Info: turismo.comune.trani.bt.it


Travel Italy – Noli

Travel Italy

Not everyone knows about the glorious past of this town in the province of Savona. 

Noli was one of the Maritime Republics, together with the most famous Amalfi, Pisa, Venice and Genoa which was allied.

From that time gold remaining signs of the historic center, especially in the 8 remaining towers of 72.

Don’t miss a trip in Varigotti, Byzantine fortified port destroyed in 641, today resort frequented by celebrities thanks to the wonderful ocean views. 

Travel Italy


Travel Italy – Valle del Chiese 

Travel Italy

Vale delle Chiese. Thirteen ancient towns to be discovered along a valley with the same name of the river that runs from the top to reach the plain of Storo, where it flows into Lake Idro. A world still untouched, away from mass tourism: forests, alpine pastures, where discover the best of artisan tradition, lawns and hiking trails.

Among the most interesting towns, Brione and Bondone. Brione worth visiting the Church of St. Bartholomew, the characteristic barns, farms Valle Aperta and Malmarone. In Bondone you can admire the murals painted on the facades of the houses (pictured, Castel San Giovanni Bondone). 


Travel Italy – Crotone

Travel Italy

Crotone. Its history is intertwined with the legendary foundation by Hercules. What is certain, however, is that it was the seat of the pythagorean school. Today, the archaeological museum in Capo Colonna park, which houses the Hera sanctuary remains, is the glory of the vestige of the past as an important center of Magna Grecia.

Not far away, you can visit the town Le Castella, the Aragonese Castle (photo), where they filmed the movie Brancaleone “The Crusades” by Mario Monicelli. 

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Travel Italy

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