Italy Vacations – Some of the Italy’s most beautiful destinations are also home to scenic train rides traversing snow-capped peaks and orange-hued regions

Italy Vacations

Italy Vacations. Snow capped mountains, many trails that take you close to the volcanoes, exuberant forests, perched medieval villages and beautiful white streets lined with cypress trees that run through the windows. We can admire sitting comfortably on the wagon with an elegantly designed from antique, drinking a cup of coffee. 

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Italy Vacations – Train Transiberian Express

Italy Vacations

Trans-siberian Express. Enjoy steam train day trips along the ancient routes that cross the Apennines of Abruzzo and Molise, between breathtaking images of snow-filled landscapes and the endless white expanses.

This rail network linking Naples with the region of Abruzzo and Molise, began in 1892 and finished after 5 years of working, successfully carried out the most colossal engineering project in history for the time.

During World War II, the Transiberiana Italiana was severely damaged, so that its reconstruction process did not end until the early years of the 1960s.

The rail trail, a disused railway, has recently been reopened. Every month this spectacular climb route crosses through rocky mountain of Sulmona, crossing  the Majella national park, of the highlands of Abruzzo. It has a vast wealth of unique animals, plants and ecosystems of the Upper Molise. It offers free in-flight wine tastings to all passengers, guided tours and local cuisine.

The Rivisondoli Pescocostanzo train station, the altitude of the station of over 1,200 m, second highest station of Italy’s after Brenner. From Sulmona, 350 m above sea level. In only 25 kilometers on the rails rising on the mountain slopes, altitude reach up to 1000 m in Cansano.

The Carpinone Station is regularly line opened to traffic of the Sulmona-Carpinone, is a steam locomotive-hauled tourist train service. Traveling in covered wagons with  wooden bench seat and interiors. In the stations stops, passengers may to alight is ideal for walking and admir beautiful landscaping, tasting food and buying local produce. The train has 350 seats and a ticket costs €35. The upcoming events, for May 19 a  the course of developing of transhumance.

Italy Vacations – Bernina Express

Italy Vacations

The Rhaetian Railway in Albula / Bernina is the Switzerland-Italy interconnection and is the third railway in the world to be placed on Unesco’s world heritage list. The little train, “like a Swiss clock” is also called a “Trenino Rosso del Bernina” or “Bernina Express”, a train connecting Tirano, in the province of Sondrio, until of Saint Moritz in Switzerland.

They are 145 km, the maximum altitude reached at 2,253 m, the highest railway station in Europe, across several vegetation zones that occur in the Alps. Flows before your eyes a rich variety of landscapes, cultivated fields, rivers, lakes, desolate spaces, bridges and viaducts, snow-capped mountains. Authentic ride and great views! An original and fascinating way of traveling from Milan to St. Moritz, while enjoying this unforgettable panorama of the Swiss Alps.

Italy Vacations – Orient Express of the Three Valleys

Italy Vacations

Orient Express of the Three Valleys is a historic railway line running from Genoa to the mountains.

For 25 miles , through the Bisagno river’s valley, Polcevera and Scrivia.

If the weather is clear during of day, looking out the window on top of a mountain, of the rocks ridge, sea landscape and deep blue waters are awe-inspiring, with mount Portofino and even Corsica.

Everything on boardis much smaller, including the wagon, some of which date back to 1929, with original wooden seat and a traditional brass and opal glass decorative style. The bar at wagon, blue and cream color combinations, with the coffee machine a  period piece, and table lamps, your design remember an old model miniature train Orient-Express.

Italy Vacations – Train of the Rhine Valley

Italy Vacations

Inaugurated August 13, 1907, the Train of Renon leads from Piazza Walther in the center of Bolzano, directly to the Renon plateau. Between Bolzano and Maria Assunção, thanks to the technology of the traction by rack, the little train surpasses a fall of just under 1,000 m altitude before continuing on a flat route from Maria Assunção to Soprabolzano, Stella and Collalbo.

Italy Vacations – The greatest Top Scenic Train Rides in Italy

It was a small mountain train in the Swiss model in vogue at the time of the Belle Époque, when we wanted to open the way in the mountains for the rich tourists. In the following decades, the construction of this train represented the lucky occasion for the same population of Renon.

In 1966 the path to the rack was abandoned, replaced by a cable car, contemporaneously from Bolzano to Soprabolzano. In May 2009, the first cable car was later replaced with this Renon cable car.

The narrow-gauge train, which today is the last of its kind throughout Alto Adige, today connects only Maria Assunção to Collalbo, with some old wagons and other modern ones. It pays to climb the breathtaking panoramic views of the dolomite peaks along the route. At numerous stops there are numerous trails for unforgettable walks in the green!

Italy Vacations – Mugello Steam Engine

Italy Vacations

From Tuscany to Emilia Romagna

From the Borgo San Lorenzo it begins with Faenza, a picturesque stretch of steep climb, a landscape open amid fields of wheat, soybeans or sunflowers.

The scene becomes more and more impressive!

Old vineyards and olive trees, old parochial churches, colonial houses, geometric plantations that accompany the traveler to Ronta station, the last town in the valley of the Apennine Mountains.

Italy Vacations 

Shortly after the Fornello stop, where there are no houses or roads, we enter the large gallery of the Apennines or “Allocchi” which, in the middle 1800 m reaches 578.38 m above sea level. Then begins the descent to Romagna, where the stations of Crespino in Lamone and of Marradi, the city of the poet Dino Campana.

The spectacle is guaranteed: villages, medieval castles, the landscape becomes full of hills with peach orchards and cherry trees, which in the spring become clouds of flowers. You arrive in the medieval town of Brisighella, after ten kilometers ends the course in Faenza with the Adriatic line Bologna-Ancona.

In 1921 the railway line Faenza-Russi was inaugurated and since then it is possible, in some cases, without changing the train to reach the city of Ravenna.

Italy Vacations – Circumetnea Train

Italy Vacations

In Sicily, on board the Circumetnea train, which from Catania reaches Riposto, passing by the Etna volcano, 110 km along the slopes of the volcano.

We immerse ourselves in an incredible nature, of contrasting and wild tones.

Glimpses of volcanic craters, almost 1000 m of altitude, citrus and extensions of very dark lava that, in some cases, arrives to approach the railway line.

We will make several stops in small stations out of time, such as Bronte, famous for its pistachios, or Rendazzo, ancient center of medieval aspect.

The strength of this tour is the desolate and striking forests and heaths. Characterized by dark lava stone that we cross, especially in the stretch between Adrano and Randazzo. We can make the trip in stages, taking advantage of visiting some of the villages of Etna. Among these, Randazzo with its beautiful lava stone architecture.

If you enjoy hiking and trekking, you can take Circumetnea for your nature excursions at the foot of Mount Etna.

Italy Vacations – Green Train

Italy Vacations

The Green train Takes us through this untouched landscape in the interior of Sardinia.

Difficult to reach by other means of transport, where the presence of man is not felt, and the green of the forests surrounds us completely.

A journey through forests, petrified forests, dolmen and archaeological sites.

Built in the late 1800s, gently inserted into the landscape, according to the natural morphology of the places and around obstacles without galleries. A way to achieve a low environmental impact and in harmony with nature.

Italy Vacations 

The Mandas – Arbatax, 159 km long, is the longest railway tourist line in Italy. It crosses the forests of Gennargentu passing by the Flumendosa lake and, finally, arrives in the panoramic views from Ogliastra to Arbatax. In 2016 the line was temporarily closed. In August of 2016 reopen the route of Mandas until Seui, while the final leg for Arbatax should reopen this year.

The line of Isili (Mandas) – Surge, passes the western side of Gennargentu, like true and own rising serpents,
Between the Mediterranean Sea, plateaus and valleys.

The Macomer – runs along the plateau of Campeda to continue west in the province of Oristano, to the mouth of the river Temo.

Finally the line of Sassari – Temple – Palau goes through Gallura to the spectacular view on the Costa Smeralda


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