Italy Travel – among the many fine towns overflowing with good food, shops and art. Top 9 beaches holidays in Italy

Italy Travel

Italy Travel. Italy is without doubt one of the most recommended countries to spend your vacation. With pristine beaches, incredible views, narrow streets dating back to past centuries and a different cuisine every region. The country has thousands of perfect destinations to be visited.



Italy Travel

Here he was born Domenico Modugno and today his bronze statue embraces the sea. This area is truly spectacular: the village of white houses.

Overhanging a turquoise cove full of caves, including the Doves, Andorinhas, Foca and Grotto Palazzese.

If you like the sea is worth organizing a vacation to visit the most beautiful beaches of Polignano a Mare hidden gems among the rocks of Barese.

Cala Incina: A cove frequented mostly by fishermen, surrounded by a wild and unspoiled natural landscape.

Cala Grottone: you like to swim? This beach is for you. It is a small cove located between high rocks falling into the transparent sea, creating a stunning landscape.

Lapilli Bridge: a lovely name for one of the most beautiful beaches of Polignano a Mare.



Italy Travel

With its 30 kilometers of coastline, it is the only region facing the Tyrrhenian Sea. But the Gulf of Policastro is a real jewel, little known and inexpensive: crystal clear waters, wild streams and film landscapes.

Not only beaches (a must for Macarro and Cala Jannita) but maratea also has 44 churches and Redeemer statue over 20 meters high.



Italy Travel

Costadeitrabocchi. The rediscovery of a maritime past, along the Adriatic coast that runs from Ortona to Vasto.

Above the turquoise sea are balanced bizarre and ancient fishing machines mounted on stilts, now turned into typical small restaurants.

Where you can taste excellent dishes with seafood, of course.

To visit, Il Trabocco Punta Turchino, Cantato D’Annunzio, the Trabocco Valle Grotte and Trabocco Punta Tufano in Rocca San Giovanni, the bursting of Punta Rocca San Giovanni, open for guided tours and shopping jams, olive oil and other products.



Italy Travel

Frontier’s most famous and expensive Cinque Terre, this town may surprise you, giving a weekend full of history and treats.

The historical center preserves medieval and Renaissance architectures, while taverns preserve the Ligurian cuisine of tradition. Just think levanto is among the founders of the association of municipalities Cittaslow.

And if you do not resist the call of the Cinque Terre, just take the panoramic path that in a couple of hours takes you to Monterosso.

Italy Travel – The Beautiful Beaches, Good Food & Fine Art



Italy Travel

The descent into hell, including fumaroles, mud jets and boiling sulfur: The Solfatara of Pozzuoli is the only volcano Campi Flefrei still active.

In this apocalyptic experience, it should also be added a visit to the archaeological remains of the ancient seaside town of fishermen, overlooking the Bay of Naples: the Flavian Amphitheater, Temple of Serapis and Augustus.



Italy Travel

Cagliari turismo. Before going to the famous beaches of the province, such as Villasimius, Quartu St. Helena or Cala Cipolla in the Park Tower Chia, worth stopping a few days in the capital of the region.

Cagliari is often seen only as a gateway to the island, but has much to offer: the picturesque historic district Castle overlooking one of the seven hills of the city; Marina, the center of nightlife, the Poetto, waterfront area that extends the shadow of the Sella del Diavolo.



Italy Travel

Unforgettable beaches and inside a green carpet: two good reasons for exploring this region which is among the least visited (and therefore cheaper) of Italy.

Italy Travel

From Termoli, with its Svevo Castle and the Borgo Vecchio, the rocky promontory, around the cathedral of St. Basso. And then enjoy the sea in San Antonio and Vivo Rio.



Italy Travel

Soorrento tourism. The long coastline of the Sirens: legend has it that the islands off the coast of the Sorrento Peninsula were inhabited by these women-fish with his catchy song to the sailors.

Today this echo of magic remained among the aristocratic palaces, the sun terraces and citrus groves that characterize the city and other cities in the region (in the picture, the panorama of the Amalfi Coast).



Italy Travel

Do not stop in front of the charm of white houses overlooking the streets and squares.

Sperlonga received the Blue Flag Fee, high quality water symbol and services to tourists.

The town pretty much kept its original core, typically Mediterranean style with white houses, small arches between the narrow streets and occasionally a glimpse of the sea and sky.

It has its fulcrum in the square where you can find the atmosphere of a cozy living room, and from which alleys and stairs lead to the purest sea Lazio.

Fishing town in Monte Magno also preserves treasures in its historic center, starting with the archaeological complex of Tiberius village, an ancient imperial residence that still remain the ruins of the building, the ancient thermal baths, swimming pools for fish farming and fishing eels.

But undoubtedly the most impressive place is the large cave (pictured), who was once a cenatio, a banquet room summer.

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