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Things To Do in Rome

Things To Do in Rome. Tired of the same music? Things to do in Rome? It’s time to try something new, something different, something that makes you live a unique and unforgettable experience in the most fascinating city in the world, Rome. Here are some tips things to do in Rome! 

Things to do in Rome – Tramjazz – The from the past train in Rome

Things To Do in Rome

Tramjazz offers a journey into the heart of Rome aboard a tram earlier times, to be exact, from 1947, which turned into a mobile restaurant.

And will take them to discover the most beautiful places in the eternal city.

But the peculiarity of this tour does not end here, the magical atmosphere, in addition to lighting the candle light and the beauty of the panorama, touches greatest jazz musicians contemporary.

Which with its concerts accompanies refined dinners served on board during the “travel”. The route runs from the Porta Maggiore, place of departure, the Parco del Celio, Colosseum to Fori Imperiali to the Pyramid of Cestius.

Things to do in Rome – Trastevere 

Walk the winding night Trastevere paralelepípedes streets and explore the various vintages and specialty stores that remain open even after the setting of the sun. The most characteristic part of the city is a mass of narrow streets, alleys and squares, each with its own history, with a church or a monument to a lost corner or a piece to be discovered.

Things To Do in Rome

The visit to Trastevere begins the famous Basilica of Santa Maria, one of the jewels of medieval Rome, located on the square of the same name, one of the most beautiful in the city.

An ideal time to visit is at sunset, to enjoy the play of light offered by the mosaics of the facade of the church.

To its interior, cristianisimo symbol is no exception: luminous apse, three naves in which successive stucco and frescoes of many chapels. 

Out in the middle of the square, there is what is considered the oldest fountain in Rome.

The square, as the entire neighborhood became a landmark for the night life of the Romans, tourists and a meeting place, regardless of age or nationality. Along the Via della Paglia, you find another wonderful glimpse, Piazza Sant’Egidio, which is also home to the Museum of Rome in Trastevere, dedicated to aspects of the townsfolk.

Not far from Sto. Egidio arrived at Santa Maria della Scala, one of the Roman churches that owe their origin to a miraculous image of the Virgin around which the building arose. Then you find Piazza San Calisto, which branches into streets filled with bars and restaurants, which report to the largest and most modern Viale Trastevere. 

Things To Do in Rome – Best List of Tips for the Eternal City

Returning reverse the direction of the river that passes through the squares of Sonnino, home to the Church of San Crisogono and the Church of St. Agatha, the charming of Gioacchino Belli, Roman poet. But not before having admired the church of San Francesco a Ripa, where the Umbrian saint remained, which houses a beautiful sculpture of Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s blessed Ludovica Albertoni.

Plaza Trilussa is ahead of itself to Lungotevere Raffaello Sanzio, the Ponte Sisto, famous place for movie lovers. Linda is the source held by Pope Paul V Borghese, right next to the memorial which gives its name to the square.

The square Piscinula, finally, is the Casa Mattei, an elegant complex of villas of the fourteenth century, built for the noble Roman family and restored during the fascist period, and here lived the poet Trilussa.

Things to do in Rome – Jubilee Church

Things To Do in Rome

One of the most visited works of recent decades, the Jubilee Church in Rome, was designed by the North American Richard Meier.

The project, in which the curves mark the religious wing of the building, was chosen in a closed tender.

The temple is built in the center of a plot of triangular shape.

Light is the protagonist of our understanding and reading space. Light is the means by which we are able to experience what we call holy. Light is the origin of this building. In the jubilee church, the three concrete shells define an enveloping atmosphere in which light from skylights above creates a spatial light experience, and rays of sunlight serve as a mystical metaphor of God’s presence” (Richard Meier ).


Things To Do in Rome

Take comfortable shoes, walk on foot for morning coffee, “turbinate” and a coffee “ristretto”, the best times to visit are in spring (march-june) and autumn (september to december), depending on the attraction, buy tickets in advance, Rome have people all year. Try the foccacia and gelatto, eat a typical roman pasta “the carbonara” in Trastevere, watch the changing of the guard at the Quirinale.

Things to do in Rome – Bunker Mussolini

The most important air raid shelters in Italy, conducted between 1942 and 1943 to protect Benito Mussolini and his family at the private residence of Villa Torlonia in Rome, the Refuge in the central hall of the basement of the Casino Nobile and the cellar of Refuge VIla.

Things To Do in Rome

Today open to the public with guided tours.

A piece of history available to the Romans and tourists not to forget, for over seventy years later, one of the darkest pages of our history.

It is the first time that Shelter winery can be visited by the public.

The fear generated by Allied bombing, increasingly frequent and increasingly threatening, pushing Mussolini to build a bunker “bomb-proof”.

He was safer than the two shelters already prepared, obtained from the local winery of adjustment Torlonia family (under the “lake of Fucino” near the theater) and the central hall in the basement of the Casino Nobile.

The reopening of the bunkers and bomb shelters expands the already rich cultural offer of Villa Torlonia and was possible thanks to the collaboration between romam capitale, Department of Culture, Creativity and Artistic Promotion Capitoline. A successful alliance between public and private, that allowed, at no cost to the Capitol to retrieve this unique site of historical memory with a cognitive and emotional.

Things To Do in Rome

The Association, by virtue of the agreement signed with the biennial superintendent capitolina, after having provided for the restoration of full accessibility of the sites has also created environments with original equipment. The visit is also enriched with philological material suitable for the function of the locations to allow ease of reading and understanding.

The duration is one hour and the cost is € 7.00.

Things to do in Rome – Miracle of Santa Maria Maggiore

A curious legend is on the magnificent basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. In 358 AD Our Lady appeared in a dream to Pope Liberius asking him to build a church dedicated to her. The same morning the white snow falls shining the ground at the place where today the Basilica is built: it was the summer of 05 August.

Things To Do in Rome

Today, the miracle of Our Lady of the Snows in Rome, is known throughout the world and is considered by the romans, one of the most significant of our traditions. 

To commemorate the miracle of the snow is usually organized a sound and light show on the square in front of the Basilica, where a “snowfall” artificial, of great scenic, falls from the sky starring ordinarily extra hot roman summer.

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