Day tours of Rome – Do you want to discover unknown places to visit? Here you will not find the usual monuments and places for tourists!

Day Tours in Rome

Day tours of Rome. Do you want to discover unknown, most extraordinary places to visit in Rome?  Here you will not find the usual monuments and places with discount for tourists, but a careful selection of the most unusual and fun places to see in Rome at least once in a lifetime.

Attention: If you are from Rome, reading this article will make you look with new eyes at the places where you go every day, and who never had the patience to observe with interest, while, if you come to Rome as a tourist will give you the discovery of really fantastic places, different from the usual tourist attractions of the capital …

Day tours of Rome – Magic Door of Piazza Vittorio

Day Tours in Rome

It is the only access door that remains of villa Palombara, and today stands out in the middle of Piazza Vittorio, casting an esoteric veil over it.

Oh yes, because that door, protected by two statues of the Egyptian god Bes, contains a coded message not yet revealed, which turns simple metals into precious gold.

In Piazza Vittorio, in the center of the garden of the square, there is a structure erected by the Marquis Palombara in the middle of 1600: the magic door also known as Porta Alchemica.

This door was part of a royal house, of which nothing left but the famous Door.

The marquis was a famous alchemist of the time. He liked to surround himself with people and scholars in search of the philosopher’s stone, with which it would be possible to turn metals into gold. Do you want to know the legend attached to the door?

Well, it is said that one day he presented a pilgrim in the country house of Palombara, who asked the Marquis if he could rest in his garden. The Marquis agreed, but shortly after the pilgrim began to manipulate some herbs and then magically disappear through the door leaving behind, gold powder, and a paper with strange inscriptions.

The Marquis, unable to decipher the enigmatic message, thought of recording it on the doorsteps of his house so that someone in the future could do it in the arduous task of interpreting. We still do not have news on the meaning of these symbols and how to change metals into gold.

Day tours of Rome – The House of the Owls

Day Tours in Rome

Inside the property Torlonia in via Nomentana is constructed a totally strange building that takes the name of Casina delle Civette (House of the Owls) in honor of the animal more loved by the prince Torlonia, theme of one of the most beautiful stained glass in the building.

Hard to fit the cottage into a beautiful field of architecture, while in reality it was performed according to an eclectic mix of styles, from gothic to art nouveau. Visiting this structure makes you become a child, when you dreamed of living in an enchanted house …

Day tours of Rome – The Dome Flat of  St. Ignatius Church

Day Tours in Rome

The Church of St. Ignatius is known for false dome by Andrea pit in 1685 who worked to paint the nave of the whole church.

On the ceiling you can admire a beautiful fresco “The saga of the Jesuits” that seems to be drawn on three dimensions, reaching a ceiling that is actually flat.

Going to the altar there is the most spectacular work, the flat crown, placing itself in a particular point marked by a marble place hard on the floor and looking upwards seems that the dome moves and gains depth seeming real, however this is just another painting of one of the most important perspective painters of the 16th century, that make this church an example of art and architecture never seen before.

Day tours of Rome – The Galleria Spada

If you had been a nobleman of the 17th century and bought a beautiful mansion but without a large garden, how would you think to please your guests: what would you invent to surprise a lot ???

Day Tours in Rome

Certainly, not the idea of Francesco Borromini to please his patron Bernardino Spada.

The artist decided, in fact, to create a gallery that gave the illusion of being quite long, when in fact the measurement was only of 8 and a half meters.


In practice, this illusion arises because the plans in which the gallery develops converge to a single point of escape, giving it the shape of a “bezel”.

Therefore, the ceiling goes down, the floor rises, and the eyes are so deceived into believing that the tunnel is long.

In fact, it measures 20 meters in length. To aggravate the illusion, a statue of Mars that looks giant was placed at the end of the enclosed corridor between the two colonnades, when in fact it is only 80 cm high.


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