Best Tours in Rome – Find out how to visit the city’s most beautiful squares, museums and monuments.

Best Tours in Rome

Best Tours in Rome. Do you only have two days to visit Rome? Below an itinerary exciting and attractive for those who want, in a short time, to know the main and unforgettable attractions of the capital.



From Vatican City to Spanish Steps


Basilica of Saint Peter – Castle of the Holy Angel – Piazza Navona – Pantheon – Spanish Steps


Our itinerary begins in the huge square in front of St. Peter’s Basilica, symbol of christianity. It is worthwhile to enter and visit the basilica that conserves the impressive canopy, totally made in bronze, high of 29 meters and richly decorated, built by Bernini. The tomb of Clement XIII of Canova.

Best Tours in Rome

The storm of the Lake of Tiberias, better known by La Navicella, Giotto’s work located at the foot of the temple. The funerary monument of Pope Innocent VIII, designed by Antonio Pollaiuolo.

However, the most famous work of art present inside the basilica is the Pietà of Michelangelo, one of the great achievements, which is venerated in the first chapel on the right.

Remember to wear appropriate clothing, is not allowed to enter the basilica of sleeveless, shorts / shorts and skirt above the knees.

There are 551 steps to reach the top of the dome, but the effort, no doubt, will be rewarded by the magnificent 360 ° view of Rome. You can take a lift to the terrace, from there another 360 steps and you will be on top !!

Not far away, you will find the Vatican Museums with the famous Sistine Chapel, given its vastness and the wonderful works contained, advise you to devote a whole day.

Leaving the Basilica we walked along the Via della Conciliazione, where we find souvenir shops and religious articles, until reaching the second stop of the itinerary: Castel Sant’Angelo.

Best Tours in Rome

Inside the Castle, you can contemplate the elegant apartments of the Popes of the Renaissance, their period furniture, sumptuous decorations and frescoed walls.

Among them, do not forget to admire the so-called Sala Paolina and his illusionist trompe-l’oeil frescoes by Perin del Vaga and Pellegrino Tibaldi.

Also the secret passage “passetto”, that unites the city of the Vatican to the castle, that from the Middle Ages until 16th century, was often used by popes to escape the looting of enemies. 

Best Tours in Rome – Top Things to Do in Rome in 2 Days

The castle is situated on the banks of the River Tiber, right in front of the Sant’Angelo bridge, decorated by statues of angels, is of a unique beauty!

We cross and on the other side the left, arrived at the crowded Piazza Navona. Here and in the streets around we find ice cream shops, pizzerias and restaurants where you can take a break.

Best Tours in Rome

From here we cross the Corso Rinascimento and behind the palazzo Madama.

The Senate of the Republic of Italy sits at palazzo Madama. Moving past it is always possible to see the changing of the guard of the palazzo.

It was completed in 1505 by Cardinal Giovanni di Medici, son of Lorenzo the magnificent and future Pope Leo X.

We continue through a series of narrow streets that lead you to piazza della Rotonda and the Pantheon, temple consecrated by the greeks and romans to all the gods. Giant imposing, passed through all the ages of our history.

He knew ancient Rome, medieval, papal, Renaissance, until becoming the undisputed protagonist of the capital Rome, when it was chosen, by the kings of unified Italy, as the tabernacle of the new kingdom.

Best Tours in Rome

From piazza della Rotonda, we enter via dei Pastini, to the piazza di Pietra, with the great Temple of Hadrian, we continue along the via di Pietra until the via del Corso Umberto, crossing the via delle Muratte which leads to Piazza di Trevi.

Best Tours in Rome

In the distance one can hear the noise of the water running on the stone of the Trevi Fountain. If you want to return in this special place again, turns his back and tosses a coin into the fountain, as suggested by an ancient custom.

The day comes to an end, but Rome still has a surprise for you! From Piazza di Trevi we take the Via della Stamperia to Via del Tritone, cross the street, we walked along the Via Due Macelli, which takes us to Piazza di Spagna.



From the Colosseum to the Capitol


Colosseum – Imperial Forum – Capitol


This second day will lead you to discover the “Ancient Rome”. It begins at the Colosseum, 2000 years of history,
Greatest symbol of antiquity of Western civilization. Buying the “Roma Pass
 help you avoid long queues. A few steps from the Colosseum, on the right side, the Arch of Constantine, the most famous arch of Roman triumph and going a little further on the Palatine.

Best Tours in Rome

Continuing on Via dei Fori Imperiali we arrive at the ancient Roman Forum square of Rome, across the avenue we can admire the area of the Imperial Forums. We left the Forum, and proceeded to Piazza Venezia, one side of the square is occupied by a large monument within which, oftentimes, holds events of important exhibitions: the Vittoriano.

The panoramic lifts will take them to the top, where one can admire a breathtaking view!

Best Tours in Rome

The last leg of this tour is the Capitol, the smallest of the 7 roman hills, but the most famous. In the square is the Palazzo Senatorio, the City Hall of Rome, designed by Michelangelo, Torre Campanaria, Palazzo Nuovo and Palazzo dei Conservatori, what the fight the Capitoline Museums.

In the central pedestal of the piazza was the equestrian statue of the emperor Marcus Aurelius, where today there is a replica of the original that is housed inside the Palazzo Nuovo. The church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli is adjacent to the square.

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