Private Tours From Rome to Pompeii and Amalfi Coast

Private Tours from Rome to Pompeii and Amalfi Coast

Private Tours From Rome to Pompeii and Amalfi Coast

Professional and experienced drivers for your tours and routes in Pompeii and Amalfi Coast on board of vans, cars and mini-vans from Rome. We offers transfer services with private chauffeur on board comfortable sedans for 2-3 people, minivans for 3-8 people. Full air-conditioning, punctuality, impeccable cleanliness are our pluses.


Our skilled drivers are available for private tours and services during your stay in Rome to Pompeii and Amalfi Coast. Your driver’ll pick you up directly at your accommodation in Rome to your Pompeii and Amalfi Coast tour. Give us the opportunity to take you on this private tour with your own private driver/guide. Enjoy magnificent scenary and wonderful sights in your private luxury chauffeured vehicle.

On this tour we will discover much of Italy’s history, art and archeology. We will take the Sun Road to visit the incredible ruins of Pompeii and Amalfi Coast. When passing through Naples, we will take a brief panoramic tour.


Have you ever thought about visiting the ruins of an authentic ancient Roman city, relatively preserved? Then don’t miss this tour of Pompeii, the city immortalized by a tragedy.
Once inside, you can see the grandeur of the ruins and how much better preserved they are. We see high walls and the stone pavement quite intact.

There are 3 interesting things that stand out on this visit:

• The fact that the buildings are well preserved, despite most having only the walls (the roofs collapsed under the weight of the pumice rain at the time of the eruption). Only a few had their roofs rebuilt, with the aim of preserving the paintings and details of that particular building.

And the incredible thing is that these buildings could be much more complete than they are today, if they weren’t undergoing reconstruction and restoration at the time of the tragedy. That is, when the eruption in 79 swept the city, it was already in ruins because of the earthquake in 62;

• The streets still maintain the original paving. It is crazy to think that we are walking in the exact place where, almost 20 centuries ago (!!!), the citizens of Pompeii walked. You can even see, in some streets, the traces of the wheels of the Roman chariots that passed by, as well as a trio of stones that, they say, made it easier for pedestrians to cross from one sidewalk to another;

• The fact that a considerable part of the site has not yet been excavated. There are teams of archaeologists working in Pompeii while we are visiting the site. Have you ever stopped to think about the wonders that must still be buried in that place, waiting to be discovered?

The objects found in the ruins are not in Pompeii. They were all taken to the Archaeological Museum of Naples to be preserved. The most we find are sheds with some jars, amphoras, statues, friezes and other ancient objects, as well as the impressive molds of the bodies of the victims of the tragedy, scattered around the place.

Another incredible thing about this visit is to notice the urban similarity of the Ancient Rome era with our current one. Inside, we find bakeries, temples, mansions, fountains, theaters and even brothels – just like any city today. Almost 2000 years separate us from it and, even so, we do not notice much difference in relation to our conception of “city”.


Considered a World Heritage Site, the Amalfi Coast is a set of 17 small towns facing the Mediterranean Sea, in Italy. The picturesque colored houses set in the relief, combined with the beautiful nature of the Gulf of Naples region and the history of more than the 10th century

Positano is a must on all Amalfi Coast itineraries! It’s a super romantic village, with little houses in pastel colors along the hillside and a beautiful beach with patterned umbrellas and loungers. The importance of getting to know the city early, even in the morning, is to walk the streets without many tourists.

Here, take the opportunity to stroll through the streets, visit the local shops and eat a delicacy in one of the cafes and restaurants. In Positano is the beautiful Church of Santa Maria Assunta, dating from the 10th century, opposite the sea, the Roman Archaeological Museum of Positano. The museum is an archaeological site under the church where the remains of an ancient Roman villa from the 1st century BC are located.

You can have lunch (or a snack) in Positano before heading to your next stop.

Fiordo di Furore is a fjord on the way to Positano with a very small beach, but with an incredible view. The village is so camouflaged into the hillside that you can walk alongside the van without noticing.

This is the place to “get lost” among the few streets, take pictures and live the experience of stopping for a while at this mini beach. For a more unique experience, take advantage of the kayak rental service when available to see the village from the sea.

Symbol of Italy’s most famous coast, Amalfi is Italy’s oldest maritime republic, where many trade relations with other ancient Mediterranean cities took place. It was also here that the maritime compass was born, which transformed navigation. The decline of the ancient republic began in 1137, when the army was defeated by the Republic of Pisa.

Amalfi is also a great place to get lost in the streets and enjoy the shops and restaurants. The beach has a small public space and a private one for beach restaurants. Amalfi doesn’t have many attractions to visit, but what we recommend you do is:

  • Walk along the pier;
  • Admire the beach of Marina Grande;
  • Appreciate the majestic Cathedral of Amalfi;
  • Explore the main street Via Lorenzo d’Amalfi;
  • Imagine the past with the tile floor plan of Porta della Marina;
  • Discover how paper was made in ancient times at the Museu della Carta.

Ravello is a town at the top of the Amalfi Coast, with beautiful views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It has several viewpoints, beautiful streets and old churches. The streets are quieter than those in Amalfi and Positano, ensuring a smoother walk. What you can visit in Ravello is:

  • Ravenna Cathedral;
  • Auditorium designed by Oscar Niemeyer;
  • View from Villa Rufolo;
  • Gardens and terrace of Villa Cimbrone;
  • Church of San Giovanni del Toro.
  • Take advantage of the sunset to enjoy the sea on one of Ravello’s terraces.



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