Pompeii day trips from Rome: this walking itinerary is a memorable

Pompeii day trips from Rome

Pompeii day tours from Rome is an essential part of your itinerary in Italy, and it is not far from Rome. Our shuttle private service takes you to a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This ancient Roman city located near modern Naples has a fascinating but tragic history.

Your round tour by comfortable private car whith your professional driver starts at 9:00am. After making a short stop halfway, the visit to Pompeii begins, where you will have 3 hours to walk freely. Go back to the past walking on cobblestones streets while visiting the fascinating ruins of Pompeii, enjoy amazing views of the still the Mount Vesuvius, forms an iconic backdrop, to the Bay of Naples, and is one of Europe’s most active volcanoes.

Pompeii day trips from Rome

Make the most of your visit to Pompeii with our guided tour update. Our experts will share intricate details of this civilization of Pompeii, once flourishing, and its tragic and sudden end.

Pompeii was destroyed because of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius on August 24, 79 CE. , which was buried under 4-6 meters of volcanic ash and pumice. Some was one of the lucky ones escaped on time, but the rest of this ancient civilization unfortunately died perished. Volcanic ash create a layer, keeping the houses relatively intact: the only proof of Pompeii’s existence. The amphitheater, ancient relics and artifacts, realistic frescoes and detailed mosaics.

With this long journey you can admire quietly all the attractions of ancient Pompeii, also enjoying the landscape and immerse yourself in a timeless place, in old food stores and bars, in private homes and in villas.

This walking itinerary of Pompeii is a memorable excursion and an impressive day trip not far from Rome.


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