Tours from Rome – See impressive Roman architecture, as Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este in Tivoli

Tours from Rome

Tours from Rome – Half-day Trips Villa D’Este & Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli,  breathtaking scenery of rare beauty, through the rich history of the Roman Empire. It is a stroll from Rome to admiring some of the most fantastic architectural design of Julius Caesar the emperor.

The tour of Tivoli starts with the Hadrian’s Villa built between 118 and 138 AD by emperor. The Villa is distributed over an area of at least 120 hectares, on a tufa plateau between two ditches. To carry out a complex so great, he decides to choose his residence outside the capital in a rich green area of water, near to Tivoli, approximately 28 km from Rome.

Tours from Rome

Currently the area is visited by about 40 hectares only. Comprises residential buildings, spas, nymphs, pavilions, gardens, alternating according a very unusual distribution, which does not reflect the usual villas and domus, or same imperial.

The various constructs were linked to each other by land, and also, through a road network underground, for vehicle and pedestrians for service.

Outstanding was the wealth of architectural and sculptural decoration, objetct of frantic and systematic research since the Renaissance.

The stripping of marbles, already occurred in the Middle Ages for agricultural use of various types, led to such a disintegration of the villa’s decorations, which almost all the major museums and collectors in Rome and elsewhere in Italy, and in Europe, that they included in  among your exemplary works comes to Hadrian’s Villa. In 1999 it was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Tours from Rome – Half-day Trips in Tivoli

The Villa d’Este, the next stop, another fabulous palace of Tivoli. A 16th-century villa, famous for its terraced hillside Italian Renaissance garden and especially for its profusion of fountains and waters come straight from the Aniene river through underground pipes that run through the streets of the medieval cit. It is now an Italian state museum, and is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

The entrance door (1521) on the Piazza Trento, next to the entrance of the Church of Santa-Maria Maggiore, was decorated with monochrome scenes from the Old Testament, a few of which, including The Sacrifice of Isaac, still can be seen. The next room, the Hall of the Stories of Solomon, shows scenes from life of King Solomon, set in frames painted to resemble marble.

Tours from Rome

The Courtyard is placed where the original cloister of the convent was located. It was constructed in 1566–67, and is surrounded by a gallery. The centerpiece of the courtyard is the Fountain of Venus, the only fountain in the Villa which retains its original appearance and decoration designed by Raffaelo Sangallo in 1568-69.

The Hall of Noah, like the other rooms on the floor, has walls covered with frescoes dated to 1571. The central scene of Noah with the ark shortly after its landing on Mount Ararat, making an agreement with God.

The next room, the Hall of Moses, features a fresco in the center of the ceiling showing Moses striking a rock with his rod and bringing forth water for the people of Israel.

Tours from Rome

The Hall of Venus originally had as its centerpiece a large fountain, with an artificial cliff and grotto framed in stucco.

Tours from Rome

The First and Second Tiburtine Halls, the two rooms illustrates stories from mythology and the history of Tiburtine region, where the villa is located.

The Hall of Hercules dates to 1565–66, with the central painting of the ceiling than shows Hercules being welcomed into Olympus by the gods.

Tours from Rome

The Hall of Nobility walls includes paintings of busts of Plato, Pythagoras, Diogenes, Socrates and other classical philosophers, the Graces and Virtues, and Diana of Ephesus, the goddess of Fertility, who also has a fountain dedicated to her in the garden. The Hall of Glory was completed between 1566 and 1577.

A large statue of Hercules, with the boy Achilles in his arms, was placed there, overlooking the garden below. The Fountain of the Organ was just remodeled.

Take the opportunity to unravel the different faces of the Hundred sources, Fountain of Neptune, sees his image reflected in the midst of nature in a reflecting pool, discover the charms of the Fountain of the Dragons and the Fountain of Rometta or little Rome, with allusions to Tiberina, Romulo and Remo and the column of Trajan.

In the Renaissance the garden was seen as a showcase of classical art and new technology, but by the end of the 18th century, when the garden was overgrown and crumbling, it helped created the image of the picturesque romantic garden.

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