Vacation to Italy: Famous underground caves, ​beautiful natural wonders

Vacation to Italy

Vacation to Italy. What are the most interesting and spectacular caves in Italy to visit? In this article we offer a selection of Top 5 most spectacular caves in Italy. Caves and grottos than hides an irresistible charm used since prehistoric times as housing, before the construction of the huts. Over the centuries as shelters for the population for escape from wars and plunder, major natural disasters, or as a simple place to hide riches individual.

The visit a cave is a special experience in the intricacies of the land, including stalagmites, stalactites, lakes and underground rivers, colored rocks and crystals that create a magical and fairy tale.

Today, the caves can be visited in complete safety on walkways and well constructed paths, accompanied by expert guides who will make you live an unforgettable experience. Italy is rich in caves and in this article we will list the most beautiful caves and famous in our country. It is not a ranking but a simple list.


Vacation to Italy –   The Grotta del Vento, or Wind Cave

Vacation to Italy

Wind Cave generally regarded as the best cave system in Tuscany, the Grotto del Vento “Wind Cave” is a spectacular and bizarre landscape of caverns and lakes.

The caves are reached by driving along the bottom of the Turrite valley from Gallicano, directly across the river from Barga train station.

There are three different daily tours through the caves from April to September lasting 1, 2, or 3 hours.

Placed to the center of the natural park of the Alps Apuane (Apuan Alps) is between the grottos more complete of Europe, by presenting extraordinary one variety of phenomena that are illustrated with precision and competence by spelaeological expert guides.

Comfortable paths allow to admire some reflectors the light all the wonders of the subterranean world: Give her stalactites and stalagmites he lives and shining, to polychrome castings, to the drapes of alabaster, to the laghetti encrusting made of crystals, to the water courses underground.

The temperature inside the grotto is extraordinarily constant at 10.7°C (50°F) even during the hot summer months. For this reason, even in July you need a sweater while inside the cavern. We also recommend wearing appropriate hiking shoes since you’ll walk a few kilometers in an environment where there is 100% humidity, climbing over 700 stairs.


Vacation to Italy  Pastena Caves

Vacation to Italy

It is a tourist destination since the Thirties, the Pastena Caves (in the province of Frosinone) are among the largest speleological complex of Italy, and offering a majestic view.

The guided tour, which lasts about an hour through a lower area where a river runs and a top, rich concretions in bizarre fashion.

The tourist route along easy paths without problems for the whole family and allows you to discover an extremely varied underworld, including stalactites, stalagmites, columns, calcite curtains, lakes and picturesque waterfalls.

From the entrance area we go down in the Blue Lake Hall and the Occhialone Hall, where the silence is broken by a small waterfall formed by the water of the Mastro stream. Going back to the entrance area, we go through a tunnel leading to the Weeping Willow Hall.

A short path then leads to the Hall of Bats, once populated by a large colony of these animals. Then we come to the Hall of Wonders and the Hall of the Columns, some of which are about 10 metres high. The route ends in the large Hall of Calvary, with stalagmites recalling the three crosses of Mount Calvary.


Vacation to Italy  Pertosa Auletta Caves

Vacation to Italy

The magical journey to the Pertosa Auletta Caves (already a tourist destination since 1932) underground in the Black River that leads into the heart of the Cilento Mountains.

A very special experience for children (and adults!), Is delighted with the fairytale atmosphere that reigns here in every corner.

Between stalactites, stalagmites strange and alabaster ‘curtains’ (cleverly improved by more than 3,000 m of fiber optic and LED lights), you may find the ongoing work of nature about 35 million years. 

The long underground passages, imposing grottoes of astonishing dimensions filled with impressive stalagmites and stalacites. They are quite unique in Italy aslo because of the fact that in order to visit them visitors have to cross a lake fed by an underground affluent. This is traversable by boat.

Vacation to Italy – 5 Best Travel Tips in Underground Caves

The visit, in the company of experienced guides, divided into three routes: a base of about 60 minutes, the middle 75 minutes and the extra 90 minutes (with two embarkation/disembarkation). The website is developed all horizontally and not too difficult, so it is perfect for families and children.

The main attraction of this cave is, then, the presence on the Black River basin, is the discovery of two ends of quartzit, called ‘Mousterian’, proof of passage of Neanderthal Man.


Vacation to Italy –  The caves de Su Mannau

Vacation to Italy

Among the oldest in the world, the caves de Su Mannau near Fluminimaggiore, are of particular interest from the standpoint of caving and archaeological.

The tourist route with a guide, it is convenient and suitable for everyone, it takes about an hour through large areas, including suggestive lakes and small waterfalls to the Rodriguez Hall.

The route starts at the Archaeological Room (a large room of 60 m in length), in ancient times was a temple dedicated to the worship of water, to witness this discovery were the findings of votive oil lamps fragments.

The visit continues (back left branch) for lakes where lives a very rare species: a small ‘shrimp’ (Stenasellus nuragicus) about 1 cm long, white and eyeless. After a series of stalactites constantly evolving, and encolada of “shaker” to the rock fractures. Finally, you can admire a gigantic stalactite dome.


Vacation to Italy  Caverna de Stiffe

Vacation to Italy

The tourist route in the Caves de Stiffe (located in aquilana region) is well suited for families, because it lasts about an hour and is less than one kilometer.

Even not being among the largest and most challenging heritage of Italian caving, it is able to capture the imagination of every visitor.

The constant presence of the river, which reaches considerable depths at certain times of the year, is one of the distinctive features of these karst caves.

The itinerary can be divided into sections. On entering the cave, visitors are immediately struck by the dazzling white rocky walls which lead to the first “hall”, called the “Chamber of Silence”.

The atmosphere change in the “Cascade Chamber”, which is much larger and where the beautiful waterfall plunges down from a height of twenty meters. There is then the “Concretion Chamber” with its lovely relaxing atmosphere where we can admire the perfect marriage of the gentle murmuring waters and the delicate lines of the stalactites.

We then proceed to the oldest part of the cave, again with some beautiful concretions including stalagmites, which leads to the largest area the “Black Lake”, a calm lake even when the river is in spate.

We can now hear the distant but strong noise of the water again as we draw near to the “Last Cascade”. Twenty five meters high it gives such speed to the river as it flows along that it crashes thundering into the rocks beneath, giving us a glimpse of the wonder of nature in its most wild and restless form.

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