Ferrari Museum in Italy – A Tour of Ferrari’s Maranello Factory

Ferrari Museum in Italy

Ferrari Museum in Italy. “Long live the dream” is the slogan that welcomes visitors when they enter the Maranello Museum, the only one to tell Ferrari today and tomorrow. Sinking the roots in the extraordinary story of the “black prancing horse”(all racing fans are very familiar with the famous Ferrari symbol) through a route between the most celebrated and victorious Formula 1. The models of the categories Sports Prototypes and Great Tourism and the most significant among those of the road.

Ferrari Museum: schedules, details, ticket costs and the structure of the Galleria Ferrari in Maranello, the official museum of history and the cars of the black horse.

Is the Ferrari Museum in Maranello one of the next destination? You are not alone. More than 200,000 Ferrari fans,
Formula 1 and motoring in general visit the Ferrari Gallery from all over the world. In its interior are exposed the jewels of the steep horse, the cars that wrote the history of Formula 1 and those that made millions dream of people. Not only. There are also trophies, memorabilia, continuously updated memory, it comes naturally the will to return.

Ferrari Gallery Museum

Ferrari Museum in Italy

The structure that houses the Ferrari museum is located in Maranello, Via Dino Ferrari 43. Inside are thematic areas ranging from Formula 1 to obviously the most significant part, mass production (if you see the new model Ferrari FF) passing sport-prototype as the world of Gran Turismo.

It has been for some time also, a room of victories to celebrate and remember the successes of the rearing horse, where the cars are divided in single-seater from 1999 to 2008, 100 trophies, original helmets of the world champions pilots.

Ferrari Museum in Italy – A Tour of Ferrari’s Maranello Factory

Particularly noteworthy is the reconstruction of Enzo Ferrari’s office. dedicated especially for the boys, a pedagogical workshop Gallery Ferrari Red Campus. It is an interactive context that explains through simulations and exercises like Ferrari has become a business model that encourages technological innovation, teamwork, style and design.

Ferrari Museum in Italy

About 500 square meters of exhibition space accessible to wheelchair users.

The services provide a store of official Ferrari products among which are apparel and merchandising.

The greater the availability of editorial products, such as books and publications on the history of the team, of pilots and races, as well as, models that leave the factory of dreams.

Interesting also the numerous attractions present on site, of the Cinema Room with continuous projection of thematic films to the semi-professional Formula 1 simulators even a photographic set to board a Ferrari and carry out a personalized souvenir at the end of the visit, with the possibility of competing with a real change of pace, between the big screens for the Grand Prix, the Ferrari Store and a cozy cafeteria.

Ferrari Museum

Ferrari Museum in Italy

For a break or a quick meal, we can go to “Coffee black prancing horse”. Pets are allowed if they are small. Photos and videos are allowed for personal purposes only.

Tickets of the Ferrari Factory

The entrance fee for the disabled is free of charge. Accompanying persons are entitled to a discount. Tickets and activities can be purchased online at the official Ferrari website or on-site during the opening hours from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. 

From May to September closure was postponed until 7:00 p.m.

The museum is open all year except Christmas and New Year

The cost of the ticket is € 13,00

Students over 65 years old € 11,00

Children aged 6 to 10, military and caretakers of the handicapped € 9,00

There are promotional packages for families (€ 9,00 per person)

Members of the Ferrari Club € 8,00

Children with disabilities and children under 5 free admission

Those who buy online, withdraw tickets at a special booth, presenting an identity document and order number

To fully enjoy the experience it is advisable to rent an audio guide € 5,00

Ferrari Museum in Italy

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