Day trip from Venice: Find the best tours and activities for your trip

Venice Day Trips

Day Trips from Venice. Venice is one of the most visited art cities in the world, especially as it is located in a geographical hydro context that makes it unique, despite being compared to other beautiful european capitals. The city in a lagoon already lives many years of tourism and visit it for each one of us, at least once in life is almost a must. Here are some tips on how to visit Venice in a day.

Here is an itinerary that could be a good solution for those arriving in the Venetian Lagoon, For the first time, but has little time and wants to be sure to see the “juice” of the city that lives in water.

The first place that is worth to visit, in this case, simply by crossing, is the Jewish Ghetto, which is located in the district of Cannaregio, a few steps from the Guglie bridge and not far from the train station.

Spending in this area is also a good tactic to escape the chaos of New Road and get a slice of Venetian life.

This is the oldest Ghetto in Europe, dating back to the year 500 and from here is born the word that currently identifies it, derives from the truth of the verb ghettare and that means “to sharpen the iron with the boot”, this was actually the casting area.

In these streets are located, even if they are well hidden, four synagogues and also the Jewish museum, while the buildings the particularity of climbing the eight floors, single case throughout Venice, as with the increase of population, the only solution was to build in height.

Venice Day Trips

Once you reach the bridge that is at the end of Campo del Ghetto Novo, where once there were gates that were locked every night to isolate the area, we arrive at the Ormesini Foundation and the Misericórdia Foundation, famous for the great life that reaches at the time of the aperitivo.

In the morning and during the day is the perfect place to mingle with the Venetians and enjoy the atmosphere of the neighborhood of Cannaregio.

At the end of this foundation a few meters you arrive on the main road New Road leading to the heart of the city, often chaotic, but it is still the easiest to walk to get to Campo San Bartolomeo and then the Rialto Bridge.

Rialto is probably the most famous of the bridges that cross the Grand Canal. What we see and go through today is of the 500s, the first construction was a simple bridge for floating boats, called “Of the coin”. When the crowd arriving at the Rialto Market grew, was built a wooden bridge that took the name of the market.

Venice Day Trips

Only in the late 500’s, after some collapses, was the current structure built.

The advice I give you at this point is not to cross the bridge but enjoy the view from above and then return to venture out on the streets: don’t panic!

Taking one of the porticos (the one with the indications for Rotisserie Gislon, where I suggest you stop and taste the best mozzarella in town: a quick and super cheap lunch) from Campo San Bartolomeo, you can drop for a moment into the true atmosphere of Venice, and quickly reach Santa Maria Formosa and the famous libreria Acqua Alta.

From here it is not difficult to enter in the artistic-cultural heart of Venice, on Riva degli Schiavoni, right next to the Bridge of Sighs.

So called because the small window that characterized it was the last ray of light that the prisoners of the Serenissima saw before they were arrested, and for this reason they sighed. A few steps away, the famous and luxurious Hotel Danieli.

Venice Day Trips

From here, a few steps, you are in Piazza San Marco, the only one in a city where all the open spaces are called “fields”. Obviously at this point, at least a little time should be devoted to the Basilica with its golden mosaics, where you can visit for free, queuing up or buying an online ticket, which allows you to access it directly.

I suggest a walk under the arcades of the Procuratie to see the elegant historic cafes overlooking the square. In case if you want a coffee, or simply prefer to go to the bathroom, I recommend the Café Quadri, where at € 1,10 you get a good coffee at the counter, and consequently use the bathroom!

Venice Day Trips

At this point, the options are two: if you prefer to rest your feet and see the Grand Canal water, the best option is to catch a boat, taking line 1 or 2 to FS / Piazzale Roma Station.

Otherwise, you can go to the Accademia Bridge, enter Salizada San Moisè and Calle Larga XXII Marzo, considered “shopping streets” of Venice.

Other possibilities are to take a ferry where you can see a beautiful sunset, taking a long walk “Giudecca view” to San Basilio, where you can easily reach Piazzale Roma.

The alternative is to venture in the streets to the right of the bridge that leads to Campo Santa Margherita, heart of Venice university, join students and residents to have an aperitif at the sights overlooking the countryside, and then return to Piazzale Roma or train station.


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