Cinque Terre Walk: the most famous network of hiking trails

Cinque Terre Walk

Cinque Terre Walk. The journey from Levanto to Lerici in the magnificent and unspoiled Ligurian scenery of the Cinque Terre is a very special experience!

An authentic immersion in the magic of historic and colorful villages in a spectacular seafront location, overlooking the hills, steep land where the vineyards triumph.

A wonderful trail in the protected area of the Cinque Terre National Park, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tour starts from Levanto, whose historic center preserves a real architectural beauty, such as the Gothic Church of Sant’Andrea or the Loggia Municipal, both from the 13th century.

Walk along a jagged coastline, which falls abruptly into the sea, with inaccessible vineyards plucked from the rocks, concentrated in five maritime and agricultural villages of rich colors, simplicity and charm.

Cinque Terre Walk

First real phase of Cinque Terre is Monterosso, the famous resort town, embellished by elegant villas and an extensive beach.

In the old center, where the narrow streets climb the hills, you can admire the gothic parish church of San Giovanni Battista and the baroque church of San Francesco, annexed to the capuchin monastery.

Here it is among others, The literary park dedicated to the poet Eugenio Montale, singer of these lands.

You will then arrive in Vernazza, with its charming tourist port, around which develops the medieval city, with the characteristic square, two impressive Genoese watchtowers and the Gothic church dedicated to Saint Margaret of Antioch, on two floors.

Shortly after, hundreds of meters above the sea, Corniglia a village situated on the promontory ridge and connected to the beach by a staircase of 365 steps. Of this small town, traditionally dedicated to the cultivation of grapes, you can enjoy a splendid view.

Cinque Terre Walk

Of great impact is the huge black rock overlooking the sea, where Manarola, known for the production of wine and olive oil, with its colorful houses that seem to appear from the rock.

The last town of the Cinque Terre, and heart of the Park, is Riomaggiore, a picturesque fishing village with tall, narrow houses, pastel colors, and an alternation of light and darkness, coming from narrow alleys.

Cinque Terre Walk – Best Travel Tips one Day Tours in Italy

After leaving the protected area, it is definitely worth going to Porto Venere. This characteristic and popular resort of Liguria is a perfect example of the union between nature and architecture.

At the seafront an entrancing ride with the tourist port to the endless range of colors of its narrow houses. With steep stairs and narrow streets to the end of the promontory delle Bocche where stands the church of San Pietro, beginning of the christian era gothic.

Cinque Terre Walk

Also worth seeing is the Sanctuary of Madonna Bianca, already a parish church of San Lorenzo, built in the 12th century in romanesque style and later restored and enlarged, and the Doria Castle, majestic military fortress.

In front of Portovenere are the three islands of Palmaria, Gruta Azul, Tino and Tinetto, which forms part of the Regional Park of Portovenere.

Then we continue to La Spezia, where it is obligatory to visit the Church of the Abbey of Santa Maria Assunta, which preserves an interesting artistic heritage. The Amedeo Lia Art Museum and the Naval Military Technical Museum of the Navy.

The last leg is Lerici, called the Gulf of Poets ie the Gulf of La Spezia. The little town is characterized by stairs, alleys and the impressive military castle. Don’t miss a walk along the promenade and a visit to the San Rocco Oratory, with its 14th century bell tower, and the Church of San Francesco for the valuable works of art preserved.

Cinque Terre Walk

It’s interesting to know that …

To visit the Cinque Terre park, the train is recommended as a means of transportation, more practical and ecological, which, from Levanto, connects all locations to Riomaggiore. With the Cinque Terre card treno benefits from unlimited routes, internal mobility services between countries and many concessions.

Cinque Terre Walk

Between Manarola and Riomaggiore runs one of the most famous and romantic streets in the world: Via dell’Amore exclusive for pedestrians.

Dug into the rocky slopes and overlooking the sea.

Along the way there are benches to sit carved in stone and a panoramic area.



An alternative for the more sporting are the challenging hiking, but well equipped, between the promontory. There is also the chance to see Cinque Terre from the sea, embarking to Portovenere and stopping in the various towns.

Don’t miss out on that events

  • On the island of Tino september 13 is celebrated San Venerio: the statue is brought from La Spezia to the island with a procession in the sea and for the occasion, you can visit the Hermitage of St. Venerio, otherwise prohibited.
  • Lerici in July remembers its patron saint, St. Erasmus;
  • Porto Venere august organizes a festival at teather Donna in the picturesque church of San Pedro on the coast, while in Sarzana, always august, the important National Antiques Market Exhibition takes place in the old fortress Firmafede.
  • In La Spezia on march 19 St. Joseph celebrates with a great fair and the first sunday of august is staged the Palio of the thirteen villages by the sea with parades, floats and fireworks.


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