From Rome to Tivoli: Half Day Tour with your own private driver

From Rome to Tivoli

From Rome to Tivoli. Do you have a particularly romantic soul and are you passionate about the beauty of luxury? Then you absolutely have to do a Tivoli Day Trip from Rome with private car and driver, visitting the most suggestive areas of this place.

Half Day Tour from Rome to visit Villa d’Este Tivoli with your own private guide. Private vehicle with professional driver and your expert licensed guide for you .

Tivoli is a short distance from central Rome and is one of the most visited areas after the Vatican Museums. Why? You are surely wondering. In fact Tivoli is rich in particularly green areas, monumental complexes, but also in fountains and temples which are perfectly united to the area where they reside.

An absolutely suggestive atmosphere that also makes us appreciate the beauty of the history of Rome, of the pagan religion and also of the architecture used in ancient Roman times. Spectacularly preserved, it is an area rich in water and aquifers where you can have contact with nature that you will surely never forget.

Among the first stages, which you absolutely must visit, there is Villa d’Este which is one of the most famous villas in Italy. It was built in the 16th century by one of Lucrezia Borgia’s sons, Cardinal Ippolito d’este. This imposing building took its name from its creator and owner. The peculiarity surrounding Villa d’Este are the fountains, which are hundreds and hundreds, fed entirely by water systems of natural aquifers.

Obviously, over the centuries these fountains have been powered and modernized with water systems that have replaced the original ones, but still manage to make it understood as one of the most beautiful works ever built by man.

Originally the fountains were mainly fed by the bifurcations of the Aniene river which is not too far from Villa d’Este.

A curiosity surrounding Villa d’Este is the “Organ Fountain”: a curious name for sure, but why is it called so? Forget about finding yourself in front of a fountain that was built with organ-shaped sculptures. This is not so at all, the reason for its name is given precisely by the sounds that derive from the water pressures that are inside it. A sort of vent that also varies according to the influx of water, due to the influence of the moon and the seasons, so much so that it creates a real musical background that on the one hand frightens the other fascinates.

Precisely for this particularity it is one of the most visited fountains and which attracts with its history. An architectural structure that at the time was absolutely innovative and almost magical when it was created. A work never repeated or built in other forms: it is an inimitable monument that is absolutely worth visiting, to be included among the main destinations of your Tivoli tour with a private driver.


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