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I am Tercia de Oliveira, a degree in journalism and live in Rome. I’m already lived in another country, one year in paris, 1 year in the Netherlands, 4 years in Milan, and today I have chosen and and I’m currently living in Rome since 1994 with my family, the year I created the blog Rome Port Shuttle, a reference for people who travel to the capital and others destinations in Italy.

As a journalist, the stories that I have lived I like to tell, me to involve subtly other people’s lives and to extract from everyday situations a value that many don’t notice.

I want to go deeper to understand the whys and to ask questions that few would have courage. And so the blog was born to provide valuable tips about Italy.

After living, working and travelling here, I are sharing things that I’ve learned about this beautiful country. All the knowledge acquired until today … with you!



Purpose of the Blog Rome Port Shuttle

The emphasis I give on my blog with our tours is of helping to discover hidden treasures of Italy or, at least, make you see the attractions through a different perspective.

So I hope you find here an honest and good truth about the trip to Italy, from valid advice to having the ideal inspiration. After all,  I am a resident here. And I will be very happy to be able to help you to feel the home too.


About our company

Founded in 2003 by Tercia Oliveira, RPS is headquartered in Rome, specializing in services international and transportation in Rome and getting to and around Rome, that is, we plan a personalized day-by-day itinerary for your vacation putting together a compilation of top tourist attractions in Italy.

In addition, We also offer airport taxi transfers and train stations, driver service / Rome travel guide and other regions, excursions, castles to visit, tours of italian hill towns and a series of thematic tours, and others.

Following strictly Italian justice system, we keep our fleet of vehicles always in good condition, thus offering safety and the course of a trip without any kind of setback, since we are accustomed to working with a little time at disposal.

The pride of ROME PORT SHUTTLE is the right combination of efficiency, quality and economy in service, capable of being successfully offered to a large audience, with efficiency since its arrival, where you will find one of our own offices at BOX airport with driver On call for any (change of flight) to attend them.

Trust us with serenity your transportation needs, and we guarantee your security, privacy, your comfort and convenience in all our offers, always clear and affordable.


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